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Friday, October 30, 2009

Names have been changed to protect the guilty...

Recently I was reminiscing with a very loved friend about a dear one that is no longer living on the earth. In life, this dear one, whom we shall call, Alice was kind but stoic. She seemed unable to always openly give the love she wanted. She could be cold and hard, exacting and she could hold a grudge. But she was also very giving and would put her needs after others. Perhaps that was the avenue she felt the most at ease at loving. The safest place to be open.

Her story was not unusual or grandly different from yours or mine. We all have struggles, joys, pains, achievements, moments of sheer genius, and utterances that could be attributed only to fools alone. She was a part of a typical family, with typical family stuff. She had her needs met and some leftover, maybe not some leftover all the time but never want.

The part of her story that I want to share is her deep love, and the measure of which is greater than I have known from many. In her life was an individual that was even more exacting than Alice. There was nothing Alice could do to meet the mark on that ruler. The trying cracked her and wore at her. After awhile it was too much, and she ended up spending some time at a mental hospital. She went through treatment there and came out again to resume life.

Now fast forward around twenty years. Alice's life has continued with both ebbs and flows. The individual that has caused her angst is now in poor health and confined to a bed in a nursing facility. They have very few visitors save Alice, who comes daily. Not just for a few weeks, but for five years. She did not stop until after the individual had passed on.

It did not hit me the magnitude of Alice's love until the other day. She visited the very person that drove her into a mental hospital. If that is not a picture of love, I do not know what is. I am proud to have been loved by Alice. And I hope that I may too give this love...

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