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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Confessions of a Glad Soul

Well, it has been way too long since I have last written....I should catch you all up on my life, but instead I feel the need to get something out in the open...Not for you, for me. And those of you who know me best, know this about me....I AM MESSY. And not just messy but like in the league of Hoarders and Clean Sweep messy.

But and a big big BUT

I have been working for days, weeks, months to remedy this malady. And I am proud to say I have done this without a huge team of support or a tv camera. I have had some great help along the way, namely Niki Richard (a dear childhood friend who has such a sweet spirit and undying love for ME), my husband (who is on this journey with me) and my mom (who is my constant cheerleader and often helps to find time for me to work without kids).

I have spent the last several years trying to figure out why I am messy....truly there are a multitude of answers. 1) I am ultimately lazy and would prefer to gratify myself with momentary pleasures. 2) I am a packrat and keep things instead of keeping them memories. And of course, there is always something I could use that for. 3) I have had such a big mess for so long that often I cannot find something, so I must purchase a new one. Then I have two somethings and only space for one something. 4) I never trained myself how to actually be neat, so now with being a wife and mother, I am severely behind. 5) I self medicated by buying things.

Okay, that being said, I have found a cure....and the explanation is a long one but I will be brief. You can ask me for the long version if you would like...

Last year, Mom was introduced to Aruthur Burke's ministry. Basically, in a very very small nutshell, I have learned the power of blessings! For so many years, I would quote Scripture over this area in my life, pray, ask God for His help, etc...but with only minimal results. But we are made of three parts: Body, Soul and Spirit. It is our Spirit that is eternal. Yet unfortunately, we do not nurture this part of our being. So I began to ask God to bless my spirit with the ability to be orderly, to glorify Him with my things and space, and to be a blessing to others and my family. As I blessed my spirit, my soul (specifically my will's wanting to get my butt up and clean and my emotions- the overwhelmed scared, not sure where to start part) came in line. As I continued, I had this overwhelming energy to start accomplishing things I have never done before.

I still have a LONG LONG way to go. But as God's word is building my spirit man, the rest of me is being built too. I have every confidence that I am a neat, orderly person. And as I tell my spirit to stand up and my soul to sit down, that I, too, will do this through Christ who strengthens me.

Sorry, if that way too much information. Or if you did not really want to know that about me! But I needed to get it out on paper.

Now, I will update....

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Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

Proud of you girly! Keep it up! You are a great example! =) Thanks for sharing your heart and story. Praise Jesus for His sanctification, eh? =)