You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

My friend, Meredith, and I took the kids to the zoo the other day in order to allow Tal time to study and prep for school! Here are a few pictures of the kids!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girls Night

Awhile ago, Emma and I had a girls night. We did out hair and nails! She did mine and I did hers, can you tell?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby #3 At Twenty Weeks

So what do you think: Boy or Girl??? We will find out in December or January!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Update

Baby #3 or affectionately called Maggie Jean or Pete by Emma Grace had his/her checkup today. Everything looked great. We are close to 21 weeks! YEAH!!!! My midwives, Amy and Andrea, said everything looked great. I am "textbook" picture perfect they said. I remarked how well this pregnancy seemed to be quickly pregnancy amnesia sets in, it was only days ago that I was throwing my guts up! But I am feeling much better, other than being tired, which seems that I am perpetually exhausted I am great. I will be glad when it is easier to sleep though the night without the discomfort. But I would not trade it for the world right now because in just over four months we will have another precious little one!!!

Tomorrow we are going for an ultrasound to just make sure everything looks A OK! Sorry, you won't know what the sex is tomorrow, but you might get to see a picture of our cutie pie! We are keeping the sex a secret even from ourselves. Which has been a hard thing to do and will be even harder when we are there and have the ability to see.

Heartbeat was really strong and Maggie Jean or Pete is moving around a lot. So we are just thrilled that we are moving right along! Will keep you updated!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday monday

So another week has dawned and while the kiddos are happily playing with two buckets and about five pounds of coins, I think I will update the world...(why exactly do I buy them toys???)...

Tal survived his first week of school, only to further cement my desire never to send my kids to public schools. Teachers are special people. He is loving his new job. And as soon as he gets all the kinks ironed out of it, I think he will love it even more. He has spent most of the first two weeks or so finding everything he needs to be in his classroom, such as overhead projectors, bookshelves, etc. Of course, he has only been in his classroom for a week. But that is the joys and trials of a new teacher. Now he can concentrate more on just teaching and doing the ends and outs of administrative stuff! He has five classes, of which, only one seems to give him fits. That is a blessing. He really loves his job though and has a great system of co-workers that have provided great support for him. We are so thrilled about this job. We did get his classroom decorated and as soon as I can find our card reader that Bubby artfully has hidden, I will post more pictures.

Emma is doing great! loved her ballet class immensely. They had thirty minutes of tumbling and then thirty minutes of dancing. She was totally in her element. She did great in the tumblind part, the dance will come. She just has to figure out how to get all the step together at the same time....She has been really growing as a big sister this week as well. She has made great strides with sharing with her brother. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit. On Saturday, she got up and announced she wanted a haircut. She has not had one except for me trimming her bangs. So we took her for a trim. She was soooooo excited and showed everyone. It was a little shorter than I had thought it would be, but the lady said we had a lot of deadends. She is so cute and her hair is still quite long. So it will be fun to let it grow out again.

Bubby on the other hand, also got a hair cut! but he was not so pleasant. He has had about five from me and one from another barber. But he majorily got scared. Not sure what happened, but that kid would not sit still. Even in my lap with my legs wrapped around his, one arm around his upper body and the other holding his head still. I cannot believe he looks good. I had hair ALL over me. Emma was laying on the ground screaming, "Stop it, he doesn't like it. You are hurting him....don't do it." She is very protective of her brother. He did survive though! He is still jabbering up a storm. He is very into Thomas the Train right now. He wants to watch "train, train" all the time. So cute!

Baby #3 is doing well as far as we know. We got to the midwife tomorrow for a checkup. We are finally over the midway hump! Thank the Lord!!! So it is all down hill from here. It is so nice to think that we have a lot less in front than we do behind and more every day. I am still have good and bad days. Mostly I can attribute the bad days to not resting enough. So I am trying to be good and get my rest.

Well, the kids are no longer content to play with coins, so I am off to be a mom!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomorrow my Babe starts school!!!

Well, Tal is starting his first official day as a teacher. So he is all ready with his bags packed. It should be a big adventure. We did go up on Friday to decorate his room, but once again they had changed which room would be his. So it was put off until this week, hopefully!!! But I did get to make his Rules and Procedures posters for his room today. All we need to do now is laminate them. So pray for a smooth and pleasant day as he meanders his way around this new job. He will do great!!!!!

Emma starts her new class on Tuesday. My baby has her first class ever!!! How much fun. She has been prancing around here today like the gymnast on TV. So fun.

I am counting the days until Friday when I will be officially halfway through this pregnancy!! Things are going much better. I am no longer throwing up all day long or needing medication everyday to make it through the day. I still am tired more, but that is normal. YEAH!!! half way until we see this new precious life!

Bubby has really been repeating everything we say! He is so cute. ANYTHING Emma Grace says, will come out of his mouth too.

Emma has said a few priceless things this weekend. One being tonight while she was upset about something, Tal was patting her on the back and she said, "Dad, don't pat me, I am not an animal." Cannot remember the others right now.

The cat now has a new home. Mark took him to our good friends' house today. We are so thankful that he will be loved and cared for. Here is to hoping he adjust well and keeps his fun cute personality.

Well, time to put a very awake and lively little girl into her bed! Hopefully it will work!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Our busy life!

So this past week has seen a lot of activity at the Ewing household. Tal started the official part of his job, not just the orientation part. He has been in inservice all week long. Somedays have been tremendously long for him. Leaving at 6am and not returning until 8pm, like yesterday. Some days have been fun and informative while others were simply overwhelming. Fortunately he is at a great school with a tremendous administration. It has been a little crazy trying to get his books, figure out what which classroom is his. But that is normal! He did finally get his books, so tomorrow (Saturday) I have the great opportunity to figure out how to keep the kids occupied for a good chunk of the day and allow him to get a lot of his prep work done at least for this week. My plans so far are the zoo in the morning since it has been a lot cooler the last two days. Then I think after naps we will go to the park. The one by the Collierville Town Square is shaded. That way they can enjoy it more. And so can I!

We are very excited about the Olypmics starting tonight. Emma is especially excited about gymnastics and swimming. Being her very first summer Olympics, she has no clue what she is in for. But it will be fun watching with her. Remember to cheer for Gil Stovall!!! He is from Memphis and I taught him in a jr. High Sunday School class. Great kid!! He is competing in the 200M Butterfly and I am not sure what else.

Today is the last day of my first week back at my job....being a full time mom without Tal around all the time! I was a little, well a lot nervous about doing after having such a nice helper this summer. I had gotten used to sleeping in late every morning and taking naps or rests when needed. But God was so gracious. Things just fell into place. And not only have we survived, but we have thrived! I have gotten more done in the past three days than I had my entire summer. Totally God's grace! The kids fell right back into a nice schedule and routine. Emma and I have had time for her preschooling/preK every day. Nothing huge, but we are getting it done.

Tuesday morning starts a new phase for Emma Grace. She starts her dance/tumbling class. And she is terribly excited about it. She has not taken off the leotard for 60 hours (Well, she has taken if off to exchange it for a clean one, but has not been without a leotard except for bathing times.) I mandated play clothes today for our adventure with Daddy and tomorrow's zoo and park experiences. She wasn't too happy but will live. Hopefully she enjoys class as much as she anticipates it. We have her bag ready with her tap and ballet shoes all ready for her. She has worn both in sufficiently in just two days. It is so cute watching her prance around downstairs on the tile and wood floors. So adorable.

Bubby is still not sleeping well. He has gotten to bed very late several nights. We have resorted to just sticking him in his bed and letting him play himself to sleep. (those of you who know me well, I am a rocker, always have been always will be. I love rocking my babies to sleep every night. and refuse to give it up until they want to. Makes for a little more work, but we love it. Time to talk and pray over them, sing to them etc etc!!) He has also been biting more lately. Usually only me, thank the Lord, he doesn't bite Emma! He is teething but I think it is more aggression because he cannot figure out where his dad is. I did notice the other day though in a picture of Emma Grace that was taken two years ago on 8/8/06 that Elliot actually has a lot more teeth than Emma did at this time. Emma still only had two bottom teeth, where Elliot has six on bottom and top. My kids are notorious for their late teething.

Speaking of Teeth!!! we get to see MARK today. Uncle Mark is coming to town to be a part of yet another wedding. He has been in far more weddings than Ieven have friends I believe. But it is so great to get to see him when he comes for them. So we will hopefully get to hang out a little with him.

Well, that is the news so far. and for our quote of the week.....We were shopping last weekend for Tal's school clothes in Stein Mart. Emma was having a blast playing hide and seek with Elliot. All of a sudden, she yells "Mom, I have to go!" so we decided since Tal was almost finished I would take her to the car where we have a training potty waiting for such times. As we were walking out of the store, she yells across the men's section to her dad, "Dad, we will meet you at the car, I have some SERIOUS business to take care of." Hopefully no one caught what she meant, but we all laughed. Almost as loud as when early in that store shopping experience, I had been looking at shirts for Tal and did not notice Bubby sneaking up behind me. Before I knew it he had clamped down with his teeth on my behind! I screamed and everyone looked as I exclaimed, "Please don't bite me in the boody" Nice one, Mary!!!

Have a good day!

Friday, August 01, 2008

What happens when you think your daughter did not notice the face painting....

So when we were at the Fourth of July celebration at Windyke Country Club, I thought I had sufficiently hidden the fact that they had face painting. It was in a building out of the way, and there were so many other fun things to do. I thought I had successfully averted her seeing the face painting. But after the fireworks were over, we were packing everything up and she begins wailing. I could not figure out what the problem was, thinking maybe it was because she was sad that we were leaving and fireworks were over for another year. But no, it was because she did not get her face painted. SOOO, the next day, Tal and I got to get our face painted thanks to Emma Grace! And I painted her! We had fun doing it! Here are the pictures to prove it.