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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up late again with the Bubster

Well, apparently there is not adjusting Bubby's sleep schedule to get it straight. If he takes a nap during the day, he cannot get to sleep at a decent hour at night. And if we make him skip his nap, by five pm he is begging to go to sleep only to be up in an hour or two and really not going back to bed. So this is really not fun because Tal has to go to bed early because he gets up at four am everyday. Therefore I am getting the joy of staying up late everynight with my blessing of a son. He is so good, just not sleepy.

So we are now officially full term, which means we are okay to have the baby. I still have a little more than two weeks until my due date. But everything is a go. And boy it won't be a moment too soon. I have had quite a few contractions, but nothing in the way of actual labor yet. Everything seems to be going great. I go back to the midwife on Wednesday to get checked out. But so far so good!

Emma is doing great. I cannot believe that she is going to be four years old this Wednesday. I remember the days leading up to her arrival and thinking it would never get here. And now I have this big girl. We had her little birthday party tonight with her brother and Uncle Mike. It was so much fun. She had been asking for a snow globe. I got her a Hello Kitty one, and was thinking she would not really like it as much as she thought. But boy, that girl is attached already. She had a great time. She just adores being around her she calls family. She helped make her cake today. She is a great little helper. She is getting more and more excited about the baby. I hope she is not too disappointed when the baby actually gets here. She is also excited that Tal's break is soon and we will actually get to see him a few days. She helped me make Christmas cards the other day. She is quite adept at putting on stamps and licking envelopes. She has been cracking us up with Knock Knock jokes lately. They don't makes sense really but she loves telling them to us. I wish I could think of all the funnies she has said recently, but they are escaping me at the moment. Tuesday is her last ballet for this year and it will resume again in January. She is doing fabulous. I cannot wait for her recital and just hope I will be able to make it on Jan 13th to see her dance and do her gymnastics.

Bubby, wow! that kid is hillarious. He cracks us all up, including himself. He was playing with his train tracks, as usual, last night and was holding a part of it higher than the rest so that he could have a bridge he said. We taped CARS the movie the other day and I think we have seen it 21 times in the last seven days. He talks up a storm and loves to do anything his Sissy is doing. He follows her non stop. He is excited about the holidays and is eating it all up even though he really doesn't know what to expect. Tonight when opening presents you would have thought he was given the moon. He was just so excited at everything. So so cute. He is a delightful little boy.

Tal is closing out his first semester. And still really enjoying his job. It is definitely challenging to say the least. But he feel really good about where he is and being a teacher. He starts his masters in education in January, so we are sure to be extremely busy. But we have handled it this far. The Millington girls are doing well in the basketball department. We have two more games that Tal has to attend before Christmas and then a long tournamnet after Christmas. So it is going to be a busy Christmas break for Tal. No rest for the weary!

Well, we will keep you up to date about the progress of the baby. Pray he/she comes soon!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Surprise Surprise,,,,two posts in a week!

This has been a great week getting lots done and working on more stuff to do. It is already such a busy time of year for most people but compounded for us with basketball with Tal and the new baby with me!

We have now reached the safe to have the baby stage! Hip Hip horrah! Of course, every day is another day of growth, so we are fine to keep waiting. Although we are all getting anxious to meet either Pete or Maggie Jeanne. The kids especially are getting really excited. I have a lot more to get done. But feel that it would be okay if he or she shows up soon. It will get done eventually!

I am still feeling pretty good. Just really tired and worn out most of the time. Have had a lot of practice contractions. Just have to get a lot of rest in between activities. It is such a blessing living with my mom right now because we can team up on a lot of stuff and that is really nice when I am worn out.

Emma Grace is steadily practicing for her upcoming recital in ballet and gymnastics. I sure hope I get to go see it. It is in January so hopefully so! Her favorite things these days are counting backwards from ten, counting to 100, and writing letters. She also has been reveling in the season with the lights and decorations. She is convinced we are getting her a bike for we shall see!

Bubby, well, Bubby is my sweet heart. He is such a momma's little boy lately. Such a joy. Loves to grab my face and say, "Love Momma!" And what a joy that is! He is so into trains and cars. He watches Thomas and the movies Cars almost nonstop. Unless of course we are asking for Dora! He loves to play with his big sister. He is excited about meeting his new baby. He told me they are going to watch football when it comes out! He is all boy, carrying around a ball most of the time. He has gotten really picky about what he eats. But I figure that is the whole two year old, too busy to eat most of the time anyway. He will eat when he is hungry!

Tal is doing good. Only ten more days of teaching until the semester is finished. He is soooooo busy with basketball... you can keep up with the girls at and type in Millington Central
He is starting his masters in education in he won't be busy, huh? We are so proud of him though. Just wish we saw him more.

To close out here are two pictures of my two cuties! I am going to try to get posts done for each of them with pictures over the last year. Before it becomes the three of them!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Baby doing grea!

We met with the midwives today at our home. It was great to have them here and get to kind of map out how everything will work. Baby #3 is doing great. Heartbeat was perfect and squirming up a storm...So we have everything here and ready. Now just is the waiting game. We have anywhere from two to six or so weeks. YAY!! I am so ready for this adventure to have come and gone. But patience, patience!!! I am right at between 35 and 36 weeks. So keep your fingers crossed! And we will keep you updated!