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Thursday, November 20, 2008

So much to do, so little time to do it in...

Well tomorrow marks 34 weeks and counting. We had a great visit with the midwife yesterday. She feels everything is going remarkedly well. I have gained right at 18 pounds, but that is from my start weight, I also lost ten pounds, so I think I have actually gained 28 pounds all together, but she doesn't count the ten I lost down to. Which is a good thing! The baby is in a good position, needs to rotate a little but okay for now. My hemoglobin is back up again, it was 9.3 and is now 12.3 YAY!!! So no wonder I have had more energy!! So everything else is a go. We have a home visit in two weeks. And from then we are just on wait mode. It could be anywhere from three to sixish weeks!!! maybe even more if we are late.

The kids helped me bake pies yesterday. We made an apple, pecan, and German Chocolate pecan pies all from scratch, including the crust. Remind me never to be so ambitious with that many little hands around. With mom's help washing dishes, it only took a little over two hours, but boy~ I was tired when it was done. The kids had a great time though. Bubby loves to help as much as Emma does, no matter if it is cooking, cleaning, or building things.

Today we are set to go through all the kids clothes that have been outgrown and we haven't gotten put up in the attic yet. Fun times, huh? Hopefully the kids will cooperate. Bubby got up way early this morning, so he may actually take a nap. It is such a toss up for me because most times it is a lot easier to let him stay up all day and go to bed earlier. But sometimes I just cannot make it, especially because Tal doesn't get home until late at night. Tonight he is supposed to have a community pep rally, not sure if he will go or not. And tomorrow night, the game doesn't even start until 8pm. (which is the kids bedtime). So we won't see him pretty much until Saturday morning, at which time he again has to leave and go coach two basketball games. So we will for sure see him on Sunday~ life with a high school basketball coach! But be on the lookout for Millington Central High School! They are good!!!

Well, time to go chase two little ones and sort clothes at the same time!


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