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Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Big Daddy

Well, briefly, Big D is going to get his PEG tube right now.

For now this will be his primary form of sustanence. Please pray for him to adjust well to it and have limited pain as he recovers from the minor insertion surgery. Also that he will find rest and peace and not be as agitated as he has been. It is so hard to see him like this, and I am sure it is hard to be in that condition. Mom is with him today and I will probably go up later in the day to sit with him awhile after Tal gets home from work.

Also, pray for Tal. He is have his adjustment phase to school and learning how to handle unruly students. It has been a hard couple of weeks and he is seeking help from older teachers and doing really well. So just pray that God gives him wisdom as he works with these students!

Update on Bubby_ He is doing much better. Still fighting a sinus infection. He has had a difficult time on the medicine that they originally gave him. Causing severe diarrhea and stomach irratation. He has a second one to start today. I am a little nervous to try it, but will start it after lunch probably.


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