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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Well, Big D was doing a little better today. They started giving him some water by his PEG tube today. Which is a huge improvement over the vomiting that had been occuring. Tomorrow maybe they will start the food!

Matt got engaged last night to Kristin! So they now start the adventure towards married life! Today we had a little cookout for them. It was fun meeting some of their friends and hanging out with them all. But we are all thoroughly exhausted. I just laid Bubby down and now am going back for Emma Grace!

Talk to you all Soon!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Big D

Out of surgery and in recovery doing fine!!!! Now we just adjust to it all! He will be in the hospital at least a few more days. Thanks for your prayers!!!

Also, please keep my friend's dad in your prayers, Mr. Dagg. He helps run a great boys camp for troubled boys in FL. There has been some allegations of abuse by a counselor. It has resulted in the counselor and Mr. Dagg as director to be arrested. He is currently out on bail and his lawyer says the allegation, which are false, hopefully can be dismissed. Please pray for them

Update on Big Daddy

Well, briefly, Big D is going to get his PEG tube right now.

For now this will be his primary form of sustanence. Please pray for him to adjust well to it and have limited pain as he recovers from the minor insertion surgery. Also that he will find rest and peace and not be as agitated as he has been. It is so hard to see him like this, and I am sure it is hard to be in that condition. Mom is with him today and I will probably go up later in the day to sit with him awhile after Tal gets home from work.

Also, pray for Tal. He is have his adjustment phase to school and learning how to handle unruly students. It has been a hard couple of weeks and he is seeking help from older teachers and doing really well. So just pray that God gives him wisdom as he works with these students!

Update on Bubby_ He is doing much better. Still fighting a sinus infection. He has had a difficult time on the medicine that they originally gave him. Causing severe diarrhea and stomach irratation. He has a second one to start today. I am a little nervous to try it, but will start it after lunch probably.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Much Better

Bubby is much better now. The concussion's affects seem all but gone. They did find a sinus infection, so he is enduring antibiotics for that and will be all better soon! Thanks for your prayers. Now just pray he finally realizes he cannot go up and down the stairs by himself yet!

Big Daddy is still in the hospital and facing a lot of health issues at this point. Please pray for my mom, aunt and uncle as they make decisions that God will give them wisdom. Also that the right doctors and nurses will be assigned to his case. He is currently not being allowed to eat until they determine if he will ever be able to swallow again without aspirating. So pray for peace for him as well. It is hard seeming him go through this. So just pray for strength and peace for the whole situation!

Thanks for keeping up with us!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What a weekend

Just a few little updates....will type more later when it is not in the middle of the night. Thursday Bubby fell down the stairs in our house. They are wooden and he did several flips and hit his head really hard. Friday he threw up so we took him to the doctor. She sent us to the ER at Lebonheur. They found he had a concussion and neck strain. It was a long long day for poor Bubby. But he seems to be recovering. He does still grab his head once and awhile.

Then today, Saturday, Big Daddy, who has had a cough all week, was much worse. So in the middle of the afternoon we decided it was time to go to the ER. And sure enough he has pneumonia. So he was admitted. We got him there about five and then mom and dad got there at 1oish. We were able to get him settled in a room at about midnight and mom and I then came home, while his aid stayed with him. So we have a long weekend ahead of us.

Please pray for recovery, health and no more people in the hospital!