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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomorrow my Babe starts school!!!

Well, Tal is starting his first official day as a teacher. So he is all ready with his bags packed. It should be a big adventure. We did go up on Friday to decorate his room, but once again they had changed which room would be his. So it was put off until this week, hopefully!!! But I did get to make his Rules and Procedures posters for his room today. All we need to do now is laminate them. So pray for a smooth and pleasant day as he meanders his way around this new job. He will do great!!!!!

Emma starts her new class on Tuesday. My baby has her first class ever!!! How much fun. She has been prancing around here today like the gymnast on TV. So fun.

I am counting the days until Friday when I will be officially halfway through this pregnancy!! Things are going much better. I am no longer throwing up all day long or needing medication everyday to make it through the day. I still am tired more, but that is normal. YEAH!!! half way until we see this new precious life!

Bubby has really been repeating everything we say! He is so cute. ANYTHING Emma Grace says, will come out of his mouth too.

Emma has said a few priceless things this weekend. One being tonight while she was upset about something, Tal was patting her on the back and she said, "Dad, don't pat me, I am not an animal." Cannot remember the others right now.

The cat now has a new home. Mark took him to our good friends' house today. We are so thankful that he will be loved and cared for. Here is to hoping he adjust well and keeps his fun cute personality.

Well, time to put a very awake and lively little girl into her bed! Hopefully it will work!


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Peter, Amber, Elijah, Naomi and Baby Peterson-- said...

So, will you find out if Baby #3 is a boy or a girl? If so, when is your ultrasound? =)