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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday monday

So another week has dawned and while the kiddos are happily playing with two buckets and about five pounds of coins, I think I will update the world...(why exactly do I buy them toys???)...

Tal survived his first week of school, only to further cement my desire never to send my kids to public schools. Teachers are special people. He is loving his new job. And as soon as he gets all the kinks ironed out of it, I think he will love it even more. He has spent most of the first two weeks or so finding everything he needs to be in his classroom, such as overhead projectors, bookshelves, etc. Of course, he has only been in his classroom for a week. But that is the joys and trials of a new teacher. Now he can concentrate more on just teaching and doing the ends and outs of administrative stuff! He has five classes, of which, only one seems to give him fits. That is a blessing. He really loves his job though and has a great system of co-workers that have provided great support for him. We are so thrilled about this job. We did get his classroom decorated and as soon as I can find our card reader that Bubby artfully has hidden, I will post more pictures.

Emma is doing great! loved her ballet class immensely. They had thirty minutes of tumbling and then thirty minutes of dancing. She was totally in her element. She did great in the tumblind part, the dance will come. She just has to figure out how to get all the step together at the same time....She has been really growing as a big sister this week as well. She has made great strides with sharing with her brother. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit. On Saturday, she got up and announced she wanted a haircut. She has not had one except for me trimming her bangs. So we took her for a trim. She was soooooo excited and showed everyone. It was a little shorter than I had thought it would be, but the lady said we had a lot of deadends. She is so cute and her hair is still quite long. So it will be fun to let it grow out again.

Bubby on the other hand, also got a hair cut! but he was not so pleasant. He has had about five from me and one from another barber. But he majorily got scared. Not sure what happened, but that kid would not sit still. Even in my lap with my legs wrapped around his, one arm around his upper body and the other holding his head still. I cannot believe he looks good. I had hair ALL over me. Emma was laying on the ground screaming, "Stop it, he doesn't like it. You are hurting him....don't do it." She is very protective of her brother. He did survive though! He is still jabbering up a storm. He is very into Thomas the Train right now. He wants to watch "train, train" all the time. So cute!

Baby #3 is doing well as far as we know. We got to the midwife tomorrow for a checkup. We are finally over the midway hump! Thank the Lord!!! So it is all down hill from here. It is so nice to think that we have a lot less in front than we do behind and more every day. I am still have good and bad days. Mostly I can attribute the bad days to not resting enough. So I am trying to be good and get my rest.

Well, the kids are no longer content to play with coins, so I am off to be a mom!

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