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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Update

Baby #3 or affectionately called Maggie Jean or Pete by Emma Grace had his/her checkup today. Everything looked great. We are close to 21 weeks! YEAH!!!! My midwives, Amy and Andrea, said everything looked great. I am "textbook" picture perfect they said. I remarked how well this pregnancy seemed to be quickly pregnancy amnesia sets in, it was only days ago that I was throwing my guts up! But I am feeling much better, other than being tired, which seems that I am perpetually exhausted I am great. I will be glad when it is easier to sleep though the night without the discomfort. But I would not trade it for the world right now because in just over four months we will have another precious little one!!!

Tomorrow we are going for an ultrasound to just make sure everything looks A OK! Sorry, you won't know what the sex is tomorrow, but you might get to see a picture of our cutie pie! We are keeping the sex a secret even from ourselves. Which has been a hard thing to do and will be even harder when we are there and have the ability to see.

Heartbeat was really strong and Maggie Jean or Pete is moving around a lot. So we are just thrilled that we are moving right along! Will keep you updated!


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