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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth Fancies!

Saturday we went to Wyndyke Country Club as guests of my parents. Also, Deryl and Tracy Williams and their three boys joined us. The kids were able to play in the inflatables and then watch the fireworks. It was a blast! It rained literally until we got out of the car, but we so enjoyable the rest of the night.
Emma and Reece enjoying the fireworks
Bubby and I enjoying the fireworks

Uncle Matt

Bubby enjoying his glow stick. He loved waving it and seeing the light float around. Emma enthralled with the fireworks
Bubby getting his first real glimpse of fireworks. He slept through last year.
Enjoying the show

Emma and Reece bouncing

Bubby wishing he could bounce! NEXT YEAR!

It was fun! Wish you were there!

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