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Monday, June 30, 2008


I haven't had much desire to sit at the computer and type, because I haven't felt well. But for now both kids are asleep and it is almost nine am in the morning, so I thought I would take advantage of this wonderful quiet time.

As many of you know, Tal has been looking to switch jobs. Actually, he is hoping to get a job teaching history or economics in the city or county schools. He went last week for his initial interview with the city schools, but the county's initial interview isn't for another 3 or so weeks. It looks really promising for him to get a job with the city. I was a little apprehensive at first but he is so excited about teaching again. Although he has never officially taught school, he loved teaching the youth group, Sunday school, subsituting etc. So I think he will be good at it. Now we are just waiting for a specific job offer. So pray that he gets one with a good school and not too far away from us. He has another interview today with Mass Mutual a company not unlike what he was previously with at Shoemaker, but they have a job that is not commission based. So his salary is garunteed. He just called and told me that the initial interview went well and if he gets selected for a second interview he will know in a few weeks. So hopefully we will know by the end of July what he will be doing!!

The kids are growing up so fast. Emma Grace is excited about learning her letters and numbers lately. She has learned how to count to twenty by listening to others. It is so cute. She has kinda of gotten how to count to forty, but after that sometimes it goes off into number never never land! She has also grown to really love her brother. It is neat to see her share and love on him. She never lets him take a nap or go to sleep without a kiss first. He is equally enamored with her, and always has been so he is so excited that she is recipicating his affection now. They frequently hug. And they also share their fair share of hits, pinches, pushes, screams, etc!!! Brother sister love at its best. Emma has also gotten to be an even bigger help in the kitchen. She washes the veggies before dinner. She is great at potatoes. She can help shape hamburgers, mix cake batters (her favorite because of the reward of the bowl. She was not happy when James Elliot decided the other night that after we poured the brownie batter in the pan that he would pour kosher salt in the bowl and ruined all the yummy batter.), and her newest accomplishment is learning to cut squash for squash and onions. She has been fascinated with chopping veggies, but there are not many that are soft enough for her to cut. She is OF COURSE diligently supervised through the whole thing. But she thinks she has done it all herself. So cute. She has graduated from kiddie plates as she calls them and is using the wide big plates that mom uses for summer time. She is so excited about that. And she is still eating like a champ. Not always a lot, but loves variety. Her favorite foods are still mushrooms, red bell peppers, strawberries, meatloaf, bread, jelly, butter, spinach, and corn. She is still as tiny as ever, but I swear she has gained weight and the scale is just lying. She loves painting her nails, doing hair, helping Nuther Momma, swimming, riding her tricycle, coloring and reading books. And the other night my little cute toddler became a big girl when she threatened to run away after I told her she could not climb up on the tottering stool to grab something. I actually literally bit my tongue so as not to laugh. That must be how God feels when I threaten Him in my childish anger. He must look at me with the same amusement and love as I did her in her three year old glory telling me she was out of here! She made a quick recovery and within a few minutes was cuddled up with me reading her nighttime story! So our family is intact!! This weekend she discovered the joys of a moon bounce! I am sick that we did not take pictures. She was a little wild woman. We have tried to get her to jump on one before, but always she said she was scared. She saw it this time and ran, err, leaped down the sidewalk to the entrance and was in it before I could get there. She was by far the smallest child in it. But she held her own. She would jump and then leap up and catch the netting about two feet above her and hold on like spider man. It was so incredible. I think there is a moonbounce at the fourth of july celebration at the golf course where my parents are members. We will have to see if she goes in it again!

James Elliot, WOW, he is growing up so fast. I cannot believe this time last year he could barely sit up on his own and now he is running, jumping, climbing, talking, getting his own water out of the frig dispenser, being defiant, loving life!!! He tries to do everything that Emma does. Usually he is successful, but when he is not he is just mad that he cannot. He is now drinking out of a regular cup most of the time. We still do sippy cups when he is walking around, but at the table it is a big boy cup. Emma did not even get the concept til she was much older. Crazy! He loves the cat that Mike has in the garage here. He loves to eat hot dogs, any kind of fruit, and his newest loves is sauteed onions. He will eat almost the entire onion in one sitting. He is sleeping much better. He does really well in his crib at night. He will get up and call out for daddy. Tal tells him it is still night time and to go back to sleep. He complains and then goes back to sleep. Emma is proud that he is sleeping in his big boy bed, but refuses to sleep in her bed. They both are into Dora right now. He is soooooo cute saying "doe RAH" He loves it. I never thought he would enjoy TV at all because his personality is so busy. But he has really started liking Dora for some reason. He loves his new tricyle that we can push him along on. And mom got him a bike helment like Emma's since he was always trying to steal hers. He is so proud of his "hat". His favorite past time of all though is looking at pictures of PawPaw on the computer. He adores PawPaw. Which thrills my hearts since our visits are so short and far apart. I was hoping he would get to know them. Tal's family is the best. I could not have asked for a better more loving family to marry into and am thrilled that my kids have this heritage. So Bubby is looking forward to an extended visit in July to see his PawPaw....

So that is the news for the most part....I am in my second trimester FINALLY!!! I am still not feeling well, but I am making it. It has been a blessing to have Tal around lately. I don't know what I would have done. Many days I throw up all day long. But God has been so good to me. Even when I am weak, I feel His strength many times through the kindness you my friends, or the tender words that you have spoken. It has meant so much!

Well, the kids are awake now and I should go feed them! Until next time!


Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

You tell Emma that anytime she wants to run away she can always come to Arkansas to Aunt Sis, Maw Maw, Aunt Jamie, Meme, or I don't know even Grammy's. Any of would love to have her (or Elliot for that matter) Yeah we will even take their Mommie or Daddy.

Love you all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

You tell Emma that if she wants to run away that she can always come to Aunt Sis, MawMaw, Aunt Jamie, Meme or I guess to Grammy's. Oh yeah, Elliot can come too. Well OK Mommie and Daddy can come too.
Can't wait to see you.

Love ya,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)