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Monday, June 02, 2008

A few pictures and a quick update....

Okay so since I last wrote, literally almost the entire month that has past, I have spent on the couch or in bed, sick to my stomach. I lost over eight pounds this month and have felt HORRIBLE. Even if I wasn't throwing up, I felt so out of it I haven't done much of anything. But things are getting better. And I do seem to have a little more energy and Zofran has helped with the vomting. YEAH!!!!

We were able to go camping over Memorial Day weekend. I am thankful for fifth wheels and AC. Definitely a blessing when you feel as bad as I did. Life was actually tolerable. I have included a few pictures. More to come. The kids absolutely ADORED it. As you can see from the pictures. Bubby thought he was in heaven rolling out of bed and going immediately outside and staying there all day. He had so much fun. And Emma had equal fun, except for the bugs and shower house. Definitely brought out her prissy side. But overall a great experience and we are looking forward to the next trip.

Since we have been back, I was pretty sick until this weekend. But after being outside almost all day on Saturday, I realized the sunshine actually made me feel a little better. (Yes, I was drinking lots of fluids and staying wet) So I am determined to be outside a little everyday. Tomorrow we are going to walk down an old wagon trail, that has been paved, from a park in Collierville to the Wolf River. That should be fun. Then we will hit the sprinkler park for some fun in the water and sun!

Bubby and I enjoying the weather
Bubby and Aunt Jamie playing on a horse post Bubby Emma and Aunt Jamie
The first night we were getting dinner ready. We lost Bubby and then we realized he had taken it upon himself to sit at the table. He wasn't wasting any time at all. So cute! He does not play around with food!
Brother and Sister eating oreos together

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