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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Week Five

Because I am aware at how slow, (Yet looking back from this point of few with two kids, it really does move painfully fast.) my pregnancy will go, I have decided to enlist several websites to help with weekly readings too look forward to. I have found the most hillarious site. and on the site, is the sarcastic pregnant blogger. I am going to try to include some of her satire as she looks at pregnancy with a little gleem in her eye!

A oui (wee) bit nervous
After getting over the initial “I’m having a baby!” shock, we began to spread the news. Of course, people asked how I was feeling.“Nervous,” I’d tell them. “Freaked.”
“If you are freaked then why are you having another baby? Why try if you’re going to be scared by the results?”
Might I add, at this point, that everyone who said that to me didn’t have kids.
The decision to have a baby is a lot like the decision to move to France. France sounds cool, other people like France. It would be fun to move to France!
Then you buy the plane ticket and France starts to seem a little scary.
You’ll have to learn a new language! They eat snails! Didn’t someone once tell you that people in France don’t shower that often?
Come to think of it, moving to France and having a baby have a lot in common

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