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Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a fun Weekend

We have had tooo much fun this weekend.

Starting with Tal was off for Good Friday, well, he was off for half the day at least! So we packed up and went to the zoo. It was fun. The kids had a blast. I will upload pictures in the next post.

Then we had Matt's birthday dinner, since Mark was coming home for the weekend and Mike would not be home Saturday and Sunday because of work. It was delicious! Then we switched to my birthday, because mainly what I wanted was to play games with my brothers and parents and my wonderful husband. It is tricky at our house to do that because at least Bubby has to be asleep and Big Daddy doesn't really appreciate games, so we usually try to do it after he goes to sleep as well. I had Big Daddy that night, so after Tal got Bubby to sleep, Matt took care of Kristen's dog and I got Big Daddy in bed, we played Apples to Apples (THANK YOU so much Carol Beth. That game is AWESOME!) We played way toooooo long though and at 12:30 we finally got into bed, and boy, I was TIRED. But we had so much fun.

Saturday was a full day. I got up and ran to Wal-Mart and then got the rest of the ingredients for Lasagna. I made that for dinner, then we dyed a few eggs with Tal, since he did not remember ever doing that before. Then it was time to pack up and head to Grandma Nicky's for Easter egg hunting. We did that and then visited with her. Finally we came back home for some yummy lasagna and basketball. It was a fun day.

Then EASTER SUNDAY!!!! We decided to spend it here with Big Daddy. I think God will understand. We did not want to leave him alone. I got up and made some bread. Then we got the kids pretty. Then we had lunch! Mom made lamb stew that was to die for. Then we hunted Easter eggs. The kids went crazy! I have tons of pictures. The basketball games are on right now and we are sighing a sigh of relief that TN pulled it out. Emma fell asleep on the couch and Elliot just went down. I am sitting by the phone waiting for a call from Jamie about the lady that is looking at our house right now. YEAH!!!!! So that is our day..

AND A VERY HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY To Uncle MATT! We love you and are so glad you are around.

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