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Monday, March 17, 2008

This weekend!

Okay, after readying Reece and Lindsey (Tal's cousin and her husband)'s blog, I have realized I have been amiss in actually updating. Mostly, I just give you pictures. But I don't think you mind the pictures....just you probably would love to hear our news too!!!

We are doing great. Tal is working hard at Shoemaker Financial. He is doing a great job. I am still taking care of my grandfather here at home. We have been visiting a lot of doctor recently dealing with his health issues. It has become a weekly occurence or him, unfortunately. He is having a hard time with his memory and it wears on him I think. Emma Grace is a cute three year old. She is so precocious. She loves to quote movies already. And is doing everything I, cleaning, knitting, everything! She has gotten quite a bit more tolerant of Elliot, thank goodness. James Elliot is a total imp, into everything. He has a bit of a mean streak, he likes to hit a little too much. But he is total boy, I guess. He is busy, busy! He is walking, running, climbing, eating from dawn until dusk. I am always so thankful for his naps, I need a break from the constant chasing. He is so much fun though! Actually both of them are. I am just loving being their mom!

Here is a picture, actually from Christmas. But it was so good, and we had not shared it yet! Mom and daughter
Meme and Emma

Bubby saying cheez
Granddaddy with his greats
Jamie and I (Jamie, it was taken far enough away that I thought we could include it, no one knows how ill we really felt!)

Aren't they cute?

She may look like me, but you cannot deny they are related.

His second easter egg hunt, but the first he kind of knew what was happening.....I will have to get the good pictures from Aunt Carol. He was running everywhere.
Bubby with his Unc riding Paw's go-buggie

Emma getting a ride.
James Elliot and Aunt Vickie. My kids adore Unc and Aunt Sis!

This weekend was fabulous in Arkansas. We had a great time with everyone. This week we are going to get ready for Easter egg hunts over here in TN. And Uncle Matt's birthday. Hope to talk to you soon!

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