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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Making Easter Eggs

Yesterday Catherine came over and we dyed Easter eggs. It was so much fun. Emma really got into it. The finished products
Elliot sampling the wares
Emma Grace tasting her first egg
Catherine and Emma dyeing an egg together
The supplies

Emma cheezing it upCan we say "CHEEZ"
Before we started....
That was, it is only 11am and ALREADY....As I was washing my hair this morning I noticed a quickly melting chocolate bunny in the bathtub. Fortunately, I was only washing my hair over the side of the tub. or I would have had Hair a la chocolate. Bubby had seized the opportunity to find the chocolate bunnies, open the box that was wrapped in plastic, then the cardboard box, then the plastic tray and the foil wrapper and throw it in the tub...... BUBBY!!!!
Then Emma when she got up immediately began asking if we could make orange juice popsicles. Okay, so #1 we have never made them before, so I am not sure where she got the idea. And #2, I had bought some popsicle makers, LAST APRIL. And we have not used them. So I barely remembered even buying them, and had NO IDEA where they were. But that girl, went right to the cabinet and got them out. She was like, "Duh, mom how could you be so dense." Where did this girl come from??? I used to think I was smart.
So that is my morning so far! Time for something laundry.

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