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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finishing off the day.... I should have waited to tell you about the day, because it only got better. Bubby has taken a liking to messing up anything that I have set aright. His speciality is pulling books off bookshelves, but he is quite fond of emptying trash cans and drawers as well. He is very stubborn too, he can get a spanking and go right back at it without phasing him in the least. It can be a tad frustrating at times. He is sooooo headstrong.

So today, I had him playing in our room while Emma was watching the Artistocrats in the upstairs bonus room, which is directly outside our doorway. Because Bubby is so adventurous, it has been necessary to create multiple gates and blockages to keep him from going down the two sets of stairways. A large babygate cover one, but the other one is too wide for a baby gate, so we use a TV and a series of boxes. As well as a gate on our door, which he can open after a short time of playing with it. He also has managed to figure out how to move the boxes of books or the TV a few times too many. But these obstacles help me have time to catch him at least.

So today.....I was sorting laundry and Bubby was pulling books off his shelf (Don't know why I ever try to organize them, since he trashes it.) Sometime during my sorting, he disappeared. Right as I was done, I heard Emma telling him no. Which is not unusual for her to be doing, he could look at her and she tell him no. So I got the baskets together and was taking them downstairs when I decided to find him first. And there he sat cute and smug as could be with RED permanent marker all over him, Emma, the couch and the WALL. I wanted to just sit and cry. But I did not, I just grabbed the carpet and furniture cleaner and went to work. I am happy to report that it does come out of some things. The walls are a tad bit red still, but you can barely notice it on the couch and that was because I knew to look for it. And I only thought I had gotten every marker, crayon, pencil out of his reach. He is like a dog searching for me, if it is there HE WILL FIND IT.

But when he looked at me with those big brown eyes, how could I stay mad for long. I am quite sure that he realized he had made a mistake and you don't mark on furniture, well, he did for that moment. I was fairly convincing and he shed a few tears, but hopefully it will be longer lasting than tomorrow.

So I no longer wonder why it takes me so long to do my work everyday, it is because Bubby is constantly creating more.

Emma has been a doll all day. She is so much fun. At the dinner table, Uncles Matt and Mike were playing throw the napkin after dinner with her. She would throw it at Uncle Matt and then he would slip it to Uncle Mike who would make it appear in weird spots. Of course, she thought Uncle Matt was throwing it to her, but that she just could not see it being thrown. It was funny hearing her.

Then this afternoon Matt went to get the mail. When she heard where he was going, she ran to get her shoes. I warned Matt to hold up. So she was putting on her shoes and Matt pointed out they were on the wrong feet. (A common occurence) and she said, "Oh, silly Emma, get it right" She talks about herself in third person all the time. Too cute!

We all enjoyed our orange juice pops today. They were delicious and such a great no added sugar treat! Even Bubby was thrilled.

So now I am really tired, not only did I have the kids, but I also had Big Daddy today. (Who for some reason always wants to do things that he doesn't do with his other help, like take walks every hour, etc....). I really want a late snack, which I have gotten in the habit of eating with two kids that are late nighters. But I am seriously trying to lose weight and have already lost over five pounds in the last three weeks. So since late night snack stick around longer than morning ones, I guess I will say adios and just get to sleep. That way I can get up and have breakfast in awhile!


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Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

Oh, you need to talk to Maw Maw about Jamie, the little Rec love seat, and a black majic marker.
The little Red love seat was a favorite of Maw's and so was Jamie.
Jamie was not much older than Bubby.
If Maw does not remember just ask me.

Love Aunt Sis (Vickie)