You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thirty is pretty good....

So today was my thirtheth (Mary) birthday, for everyone who did not already know. And it was a good day. I have actually looked forward to this day for the past few years. I am just crazy like that. For some reason, I really did not enjoy the twenties like I thought I would. Maybe the stigma that goes with it. As well as all the lessons that seem to inherently be attached to the age bracket. But now that I am hoping that this new decade will bring great lessons, greater strides and greater relationship with my Savior. So I am excited about being thirty.

Today was kind of an ordinary type day. We celebrated last night because that is when most of the family and girlfriends of brothers were available. It was fun. Tonight was low key. But we had one of my favorite meals: doesn't matter if they were part of a left over was worried. They were delicious.

I have kept up with Amber's challenge, even though she did not really challenge me. I have one Power 90 three days straight now. Tomorrow, I hope to continue to work through the incredible soreness I have accumulated. And Amber, thanks, I needed a little kick in the behind. (Also, thanks for the flowers, you never forget! BFF (we have been doing that before it was anything! I remember doing that twenty years ago, now everyone does it. I cannot believe that we have stayed friends this long separated by this distance. Our God is good.)

To recap for those who missed my party.... I got a t-shirt that has one of my favorite sayings "Not all who wander are lost" by Tolkien from my wonderful mother in law. I have it on now and it fits perfectly and I love how soft it is. Definintely exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much! Jamie, my dear sister in law who has become more sister than law, gave me some very whimiscal Jane Austen notecards. I will adore writing notes on them. Hopefully, I won't go off into some English prose when I am writing, but nonetheless I am sure I will find the very handy as well as beautiful. Great find, perfect for me and definitely will be chereished. I am thinking o framing one of each scence and putting them up by my bedside table..... From Mark, I got the first season of Lost in its entirety. I began watching Lost this season and am....well.....lost. So he is helping me out. I have watched the first disc and I am definitely moving it to my all time favorite column of tv shows! Cannot wait to discuss all the intrigues with you. Matt gave me subscriptions to two of my favorite magazines (of choice) So I picked Cooking Light and Knitting. So much fun, great idea!!!! Mike, knowing how much I love taking pictures, got me the coolest pictures frame. I was just surprised that it did not have one of him in it already. I think I am going to get some of our wedding printed black and white and put them in it. Catherine the every fun loving gal that she is, gave me my favorite, PEEPS!!! I had told her the story of Tal and I 's first birthday together as a married couple. We were sooooo short on cash, so I told him I would just love it if he got me peeps for my birthday. He did, a ton of them, and I enjoyed every last bite! Thanks Catherine, you add a lot to my world. Tal was a super duper shopper and picked out two fabulous pairs of shorts, Columbia, my favorite, very durable with two kiddos. I am very impressed with his color and style selection. Great Job! Grandma Nicky gave me a dear dear present of a bracelet that was given to her many years ago. I have always wanted emeralds and am glad they came from her. I will wear it with much joy. My parents thrilled me to pieces when I received a diamond ring that was my mother's father's mother's ring. I asked my great grandmother twenty years ago for the ring and never expected to receive it. Mom did not even know where it was. She happened upon the setting and she and my dear dad got a new diamond for it and that was my thirtieth birthay present. How special is that? I am so excited to have it great grandmother was a very slight woman, and I am not so slight as I used to be. So it is a tiny bit snug! And then of course, last but not least the wonderful family and friends that gave the wonderful green gift certificate that is exchangeable everywhere. I will enjoy finding things to do with them! Thanks a bunch for making this a truly wonderful birthday.

So on to what you probably really wanted to know about....Emma Grace and James Elliot. They are doing great. Bubby got his first official skinned knee today....sad, but he was not crying, he did not even point it out to anyone. He let me wash it and put neosporin and a bandaid on it and was off playing again as soon as I put him down. He is tough when it comes to getting to play outside. Emma has made it through five days without pullups on. She has only had four accidents in those days! Today was totally accident free! She has made several hillarious comments about the process though, which was entered in with her full disapproval. WE had run out of pullups and I told her we did not have any more money for pullups right now, so she would have to use the potty. not long after that, she comes running up with a dollar and says, "See mommy, I found you a dollar, we can go get pullups now." Then later that day, she runs up and says, "Mommy, quick, I need you to get me a pullup so I can go pee pee." When asked if she needs to go to the potty she says, "No I can go in a pullup". Then lastly, today, as we were running errands, and we had to get diapers for James Elliot, she said, ' Oh mom, we can get some pullups, so I don't have to use the potty anymore." flashing all her teeth at me......

Prayer requests: we have had three inquiries with two actual showings of the house. Please pray one or a new one wants to buy soon. And that Tal's job continues to pick up soon.

Welllllll,,,,,,I am off to sleep. tomorrow is 30 years and day 2

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday

And we start another week! I did not get much done last week, but I am at it again today. (And thanks to Amber and Pete. I restarted my Power 90 videos. I had started them for about two weeks in January and just got out of doing it.) So today I got up and did the first set of it. OUCH! I am so out of shape. But I am in a twelve week weight loss challenge and I really, really need to do it. Basically I need to get in shape, not necessarily lose weight. This is just my motivation!

You should see Elliot, he is laying on his back on my bed, reading a book upside down and he is really reading out loud! So cute.

Today is going to be a quiet day of cleaning and playing with the kids. Mom and I have brined corn beef briskets since last week, so we are looking forward to cooking them today! Yummy.

Tomorrow night we are celebrating my 30th birthday! It isn't until Wednesday, but that was the best day for everyone included (specifically, my brothers and their girlfriends) So I am excited about that!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

******PRAY REQUEST!!! We put our house for sale by owner and yesterday we had our first showing (THANK YOU JAMIE AND GRAMMY) and we are waiting to hear back maybe from the lady. Please pray that we hear back or find a buyer/renter soon!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Family Pictures!

Zoo pictures

Easter Egg Hunting!

What a fun Weekend

We have had tooo much fun this weekend.

Starting with Tal was off for Good Friday, well, he was off for half the day at least! So we packed up and went to the zoo. It was fun. The kids had a blast. I will upload pictures in the next post.

Then we had Matt's birthday dinner, since Mark was coming home for the weekend and Mike would not be home Saturday and Sunday because of work. It was delicious! Then we switched to my birthday, because mainly what I wanted was to play games with my brothers and parents and my wonderful husband. It is tricky at our house to do that because at least Bubby has to be asleep and Big Daddy doesn't really appreciate games, so we usually try to do it after he goes to sleep as well. I had Big Daddy that night, so after Tal got Bubby to sleep, Matt took care of Kristen's dog and I got Big Daddy in bed, we played Apples to Apples (THANK YOU so much Carol Beth. That game is AWESOME!) We played way toooooo long though and at 12:30 we finally got into bed, and boy, I was TIRED. But we had so much fun.

Saturday was a full day. I got up and ran to Wal-Mart and then got the rest of the ingredients for Lasagna. I made that for dinner, then we dyed a few eggs with Tal, since he did not remember ever doing that before. Then it was time to pack up and head to Grandma Nicky's for Easter egg hunting. We did that and then visited with her. Finally we came back home for some yummy lasagna and basketball. It was a fun day.

Then EASTER SUNDAY!!!! We decided to spend it here with Big Daddy. I think God will understand. We did not want to leave him alone. I got up and made some bread. Then we got the kids pretty. Then we had lunch! Mom made lamb stew that was to die for. Then we hunted Easter eggs. The kids went crazy! I have tons of pictures. The basketball games are on right now and we are sighing a sigh of relief that TN pulled it out. Emma fell asleep on the couch and Elliot just went down. I am sitting by the phone waiting for a call from Jamie about the lady that is looking at our house right now. YEAH!!!!! So that is our day..

AND A VERY HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY To Uncle MATT! We love you and are so glad you are around.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Okay, so I thought today was going to be a little more relaxed. We were going out to eat with a dear friend of mine, Lisa. But other than that low key.

The meal was a disaster, I don't know why I think I can take them out to eat period. It is just too chaotic. After eating we were outside letting the kids walk around....(side note, Emma is watching basketball right now. They were showing a scene inside George Mason's locker room and the coach says, "Okay, team let's do it." and Emma jumps up and yells at the TV and says, "Okay, Let's do it.") soooo, the kids were running around and Emma is in a cute smocked dress playing. These three black boys come up to her, they were walking in with their mom, and they were probably about eight. one of them looked at her and said, "She's cute for a white girl." Emma was like, "Okay???" It was too cute.

So Bubby was so tired when we got home but would not take a nap. He screamed, I cried. Finally I gave up and let them both go outside and play. Which they absolutely adored. Then they got to have pizza for dinner, yummy. We had stuffed crust and double pepperoni. YUMMY. Then we braved a slightly chilly evening (we wrapped the kiddos in blankets) and went for a walk. I sure missed those from last summer. Bubby was absolutely falling over himself by the time we got home. He scarved down a banana and then went straight to sleep.

Emma, in the meantime, was playing playdough. She has a habit of making things and passing them out to people as food or candy. Usually, the people playing along realize it is not chocolate (being that it is often bright purple or yellow.) BUT today it was brown and she happened to include Big Daddy. Let's just say after he was finished with his piece of playdough, he quickly had mom come over and help him figure out what he had just eaten. Needless to say, I had to explain to Emma that when she gave Big Daddy playdough, she could NOT tell him it was candy or chocolate. I felt so bad for him. My kids are just so full of energy it is hard to know what they are going to do next.

So that is today. Tomorrow Tal is going to go to the Zoo with us!!! And Niki is taking pictures of the kids. So we will have a great day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finishing off the day.... I should have waited to tell you about the day, because it only got better. Bubby has taken a liking to messing up anything that I have set aright. His speciality is pulling books off bookshelves, but he is quite fond of emptying trash cans and drawers as well. He is very stubborn too, he can get a spanking and go right back at it without phasing him in the least. It can be a tad frustrating at times. He is sooooo headstrong.

So today, I had him playing in our room while Emma was watching the Artistocrats in the upstairs bonus room, which is directly outside our doorway. Because Bubby is so adventurous, it has been necessary to create multiple gates and blockages to keep him from going down the two sets of stairways. A large babygate cover one, but the other one is too wide for a baby gate, so we use a TV and a series of boxes. As well as a gate on our door, which he can open after a short time of playing with it. He also has managed to figure out how to move the boxes of books or the TV a few times too many. But these obstacles help me have time to catch him at least.

So today.....I was sorting laundry and Bubby was pulling books off his shelf (Don't know why I ever try to organize them, since he trashes it.) Sometime during my sorting, he disappeared. Right as I was done, I heard Emma telling him no. Which is not unusual for her to be doing, he could look at her and she tell him no. So I got the baskets together and was taking them downstairs when I decided to find him first. And there he sat cute and smug as could be with RED permanent marker all over him, Emma, the couch and the WALL. I wanted to just sit and cry. But I did not, I just grabbed the carpet and furniture cleaner and went to work. I am happy to report that it does come out of some things. The walls are a tad bit red still, but you can barely notice it on the couch and that was because I knew to look for it. And I only thought I had gotten every marker, crayon, pencil out of his reach. He is like a dog searching for me, if it is there HE WILL FIND IT.

But when he looked at me with those big brown eyes, how could I stay mad for long. I am quite sure that he realized he had made a mistake and you don't mark on furniture, well, he did for that moment. I was fairly convincing and he shed a few tears, but hopefully it will be longer lasting than tomorrow.

So I no longer wonder why it takes me so long to do my work everyday, it is because Bubby is constantly creating more.

Emma has been a doll all day. She is so much fun. At the dinner table, Uncles Matt and Mike were playing throw the napkin after dinner with her. She would throw it at Uncle Matt and then he would slip it to Uncle Mike who would make it appear in weird spots. Of course, she thought Uncle Matt was throwing it to her, but that she just could not see it being thrown. It was funny hearing her.

Then this afternoon Matt went to get the mail. When she heard where he was going, she ran to get her shoes. I warned Matt to hold up. So she was putting on her shoes and Matt pointed out they were on the wrong feet. (A common occurence) and she said, "Oh, silly Emma, get it right" She talks about herself in third person all the time. Too cute!

We all enjoyed our orange juice pops today. They were delicious and such a great no added sugar treat! Even Bubby was thrilled.

So now I am really tired, not only did I have the kids, but I also had Big Daddy today. (Who for some reason always wants to do things that he doesn't do with his other help, like take walks every hour, etc....). I really want a late snack, which I have gotten in the habit of eating with two kids that are late nighters. But I am seriously trying to lose weight and have already lost over five pounds in the last three weeks. So since late night snack stick around longer than morning ones, I guess I will say adios and just get to sleep. That way I can get up and have breakfast in awhile!


Making Easter Eggs

Yesterday Catherine came over and we dyed Easter eggs. It was so much fun. Emma really got into it. The finished products
Elliot sampling the wares
Emma Grace tasting her first egg
Catherine and Emma dyeing an egg together
The supplies

Emma cheezing it upCan we say "CHEEZ"
Before we started....
That was, it is only 11am and ALREADY....As I was washing my hair this morning I noticed a quickly melting chocolate bunny in the bathtub. Fortunately, I was only washing my hair over the side of the tub. or I would have had Hair a la chocolate. Bubby had seized the opportunity to find the chocolate bunnies, open the box that was wrapped in plastic, then the cardboard box, then the plastic tray and the foil wrapper and throw it in the tub...... BUBBY!!!!
Then Emma when she got up immediately began asking if we could make orange juice popsicles. Okay, so #1 we have never made them before, so I am not sure where she got the idea. And #2, I had bought some popsicle makers, LAST APRIL. And we have not used them. So I barely remembered even buying them, and had NO IDEA where they were. But that girl, went right to the cabinet and got them out. She was like, "Duh, mom how could you be so dense." Where did this girl come from??? I used to think I was smart.
So that is my morning so far! Time for something laundry.

Monday, March 17, 2008

This weekend!

Okay, after readying Reece and Lindsey (Tal's cousin and her husband)'s blog, I have realized I have been amiss in actually updating. Mostly, I just give you pictures. But I don't think you mind the pictures....just you probably would love to hear our news too!!!

We are doing great. Tal is working hard at Shoemaker Financial. He is doing a great job. I am still taking care of my grandfather here at home. We have been visiting a lot of doctor recently dealing with his health issues. It has become a weekly occurence or him, unfortunately. He is having a hard time with his memory and it wears on him I think. Emma Grace is a cute three year old. She is so precocious. She loves to quote movies already. And is doing everything I, cleaning, knitting, everything! She has gotten quite a bit more tolerant of Elliot, thank goodness. James Elliot is a total imp, into everything. He has a bit of a mean streak, he likes to hit a little too much. But he is total boy, I guess. He is busy, busy! He is walking, running, climbing, eating from dawn until dusk. I am always so thankful for his naps, I need a break from the constant chasing. He is so much fun though! Actually both of them are. I am just loving being their mom!

Here is a picture, actually from Christmas. But it was so good, and we had not shared it yet! Mom and daughter
Meme and Emma

Bubby saying cheez
Granddaddy with his greats
Jamie and I (Jamie, it was taken far enough away that I thought we could include it, no one knows how ill we really felt!)

Aren't they cute?

She may look like me, but you cannot deny they are related.

His second easter egg hunt, but the first he kind of knew what was happening.....I will have to get the good pictures from Aunt Carol. He was running everywhere.
Bubby with his Unc riding Paw's go-buggie

Emma getting a ride.
James Elliot and Aunt Vickie. My kids adore Unc and Aunt Sis!

This weekend was fabulous in Arkansas. We had a great time with everyone. This week we are going to get ready for Easter egg hunts over here in TN. And Uncle Matt's birthday. Hope to talk to you soon!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Building a snowman....

It is sidewards....ugh. But here it is...

Friday, March 07, 2008


Playing in the snow

Let it snow, let it snow!!!!!

Here are just a few of the pictures from this afternoon! We had so much fun playing in the snow. Bubby did not want to stop. His cheeks were soooooo red, but he wanted to play with the cold sand forever. And Emma was screaming bloody murder when we came back inside. It was only when we showed her how wet her outfit was and that it needed to be dried so she could go back outside that she finally calmed down. Snow angels with Daddy (Emma has been dying to make snow angels for months now. She finally got to make her very first official big girl snow angel!)

"Sledding" the snow is a little too wet to actually sled, but it is fun to pertend. Bubby did not want to stop. Look at that face. Can you tell he was having fun. And he wanted to be out there so bad he did not complain about the hat or gloves. (I cannot believe we were in short sleeves just last saturday)
This was Emma about a half hour after playing. She was pooped!

I will try to get some video up too!