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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update and praises!

MawMaw has no heart trouble per the doctor and the test. YEAH! Now they are turning to the GI doc to see if they can find the cause of the pain. So at least we have praise that it isn't her heart. But please, please still keep her in your prayers because she is still in a lot of pain and possibly faces at the very least a minor procedure to relieve the pain.

Emma: has slept on and off all morning. She is holding down clear liquids, which is great! Since she was up so long last night, she is trying to catch up on sleep. Her fever has finally come down. It was up and down all morning. And she was a little more talkative. It is so sad to see her laying there lethargic. She has never done that no matter how sick she is. But she said she feels really bad. She asked if everyone would pray that she does not throw up anymore....

On a side note, Mariam, one of Big Daddy's aids and now a dear friend, was telling me yesterday that she had had a bad day. Emma sat and listened to everything. When Mariam was done Emma said, "You need a spiritual holiday." Where in the world does she come up with these things???

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