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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fun at MeMe and Grandaddy's

MeMe trying out her Christmas present Grandaddy trying on his Christmas jacket
Tal playing with the camera
Jamie playing with her camera
A candid
Bubby running around

Bubby and Emmy looking out the window
Daddy trying on Bubby's towel
Bubby playing with Sadie
Emma trying out her play banana

Emma and Grammy opening presents
MeMe, Grandaddy and Bubby opening presents
Jamie and Me

Grammy MeMe's cool shoes

Bubby running again
Bubby saying, "what?" When we gonna open these presents?
Sissy looking through her first kaliedascope (sp????)
Bubby fascinated with her car animals
He learned fast

We had a great morning opening gifts and then having breakfast with MeMe and Grandaddy. I think they got the best end of it, a nap after we left!!! We left there to go to MawMaw and PawPaw's for lunch and the afternoon waiting for everyone to arrive for present opening there. The pictures will be next...

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