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Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally unpacked

We finally finished the kids room. YEAH!!!! I even got pictures on the walls and the drawers organized and toys done. We are so excited. They have the cutest little cozy room with a great window. Just perfect for the two of them!

This is the top of Bubby's dresser The end of Emma's bed. They do not have a closet, so we hung wooden pegs for their clothes. And then she has her jewelery boxes on her bookshelf at the end of her bed.
A picture of them on their dresser
The wall of toys and Bubby's crib

The dresser area Emma's bed. And you can see her favorite place to play, because Bubby cannot get her
Bubby enjoying his new clean space
Bubby's hooks

That is all....come join us and play!


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. I am so proud of you for the great job. I can't wait to come over and play. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Their room looks... GREAT!!! we make such a great team. See you tomorrow :)N