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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last week we went for checkups! The kids are doing great. Emma's hernia, that she was born with, are healing nicely still and it appears that she will avoid surgery! Praise the Lord. She is still petite, but surprise surprise. She is 29 and a half pounds and 36.5 inches. That puts her in the 25% of both. She really did not want a "splinterbox" as she calls finger sticks, but we prayed and asked Jesus if we had to have one that it would not hurt. He answered our prayers! She did have one, but she did not even flinch and declared it to be totally pain free. Thank you LORD! Bubby is also doing great! We had noticed a malformation in his ribs, on the left side. Normal rib cages are convex and his left side is concave. His sternum is also out of line. But the doctor said it was just something to watch and as long as we did not notice anything stopping or slowing him down he was fine. It is called pectus imperfecta or something like that. No problems noted right now. He is getting big himself. 21 lbs and 31.5 inches long. It puts him in the 15% weight and 50% height. He is just as cute as he can be! He did not have to have a finger stick, but was oblvious to the fact that doctor may mean potential hurt. So life was good for him, and he was excited because turning one meant that he now gets a lollipop when he leaves the doctors! Fun times....especially since we opted to not vaccinate so no shots!

So we are terribly thankful for our little ones' health. God is so good!

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