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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Aunt Fran's package arrives!!!

On the 18th of December, Emma and Elliot received their package for their birthday from Aunt Fran! Here is Emma so excited to get it. She could barely wait for Nuther Mother to get home to open it. Opening the card and showing off her Princess wrapping paper.
Look an apron!!!! She loves aprons and she had just outgrown her last one. Thank you Aunt Fran! Her apron says, "I Help"---->Emma's favorite thing to say and it has her name on it. So cute! I will try to get a better picture when they get up from naps today.
She is wearing her apron and helping Bubby open his gift.
Bubby got a fire truck! and boy do they love it. His facial expression says it all!

Thank you for all your presents Aunt Fran!!!

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