You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Monday, January 28, 2008

Praise to the Lord!

Emma is feeling much better now. The doctor said on Friday that it was the flu and we should be prepared for another week or so of ickiness....but by that night, she had greatly improved and over the weekend except for a raw bare end, we were great! She has had to be careful about what she eats to keep her bare end from getting worse, but other than that she is great!

I have to tell you what she said though, I was changing her diaper and she was so nervous that it was going to hurt. And sure enough it was very painful. I was praying for a miracle. I guess I asked God one too many times for a miracle and she looked at me and said, "Mom, stop asking God for a miracle, you should only ask God once because it hurts His heart if we keep asking. He will think we are not patient." Where does she get this???? She is the first one to ask me to pray if she hears someone is sick, and she always remembers to pray for everyone she has heard is sick or hurt during the day. It is so true that we must all be like the little child to enter into the kingdom of heaven. She just trusts her Lord will take care of everything.

Today we went and did a few errands since it was soooooo nice. Now we are doing crafts and crossing our fingers hoping Bubby takes a nice long nap!

Have a good one.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Update on Emma

Okay, so Emma had a perk up period last night and was playing. Then when Tal got home from his banquet, she promptly threw up all over him: suit, overcoat, tie and all....She then spiked a very high temperature all night but at least no more vomiting. She laid on the couch without moving hardly at all until just about ten minutes ago and now she is starting to get up and move around. We are going to the doctor today to get checked out. She is so not wanting to go, but at this point, she has not choice. We just need to make sure....I will update later.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update and praises!

MawMaw has no heart trouble per the doctor and the test. YEAH! Now they are turning to the GI doc to see if they can find the cause of the pain. So at least we have praise that it isn't her heart. But please, please still keep her in your prayers because she is still in a lot of pain and possibly faces at the very least a minor procedure to relieve the pain.

Emma: has slept on and off all morning. She is holding down clear liquids, which is great! Since she was up so long last night, she is trying to catch up on sleep. Her fever has finally come down. It was up and down all morning. And she was a little more talkative. It is so sad to see her laying there lethargic. She has never done that no matter how sick she is. But she said she feels really bad. She asked if everyone would pray that she does not throw up anymore....

On a side note, Mariam, one of Big Daddy's aids and now a dear friend, was telling me yesterday that she had had a bad day. Emma sat and listened to everything. When Mariam was done Emma said, "You need a spiritual holiday." Where in the world does she come up with these things???

Need prayer

Please keep praying for MawMaw she is having an arteriogram today to try and determine her where her chest pains are coming from.

Also, Emma woke up at 2 am this morning burning up with fever. She then threw up a few times and did not get back to sleep until 7am. It is 8 now and she is up again not feeling well. Please pray that she feel better quickly and that Elliot stays well.....Tal and I too for that matter. And for my strength. I got a little over four hours of sleep last night and have an active one year old running around. And Tal's awards banquet at work is tonight, so it will be a long day for me without him.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Please pray for MawMaw

Just wanted to enlist all of your prayers for our dear MawMaw, Tal's grandmother on his dad's side. She has pneumonia and has been hospitalized. She was moved tonight out of precaution to the heart hospital, in order to check out some unknown heart pains. Please pray for quick and easy recovery without much pain.

We love you dear Maw!
Tal, Mary, Emma Grace and James Elliot

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Last week we went for checkups! The kids are doing great. Emma's hernia, that she was born with, are healing nicely still and it appears that she will avoid surgery! Praise the Lord. She is still petite, but surprise surprise. She is 29 and a half pounds and 36.5 inches. That puts her in the 25% of both. She really did not want a "splinterbox" as she calls finger sticks, but we prayed and asked Jesus if we had to have one that it would not hurt. He answered our prayers! She did have one, but she did not even flinch and declared it to be totally pain free. Thank you LORD! Bubby is also doing great! We had noticed a malformation in his ribs, on the left side. Normal rib cages are convex and his left side is concave. His sternum is also out of line. But the doctor said it was just something to watch and as long as we did not notice anything stopping or slowing him down he was fine. It is called pectus imperfecta or something like that. No problems noted right now. He is getting big himself. 21 lbs and 31.5 inches long. It puts him in the 15% weight and 50% height. He is just as cute as he can be! He did not have to have a finger stick, but was oblvious to the fact that doctor may mean potential hurt. So life was good for him, and he was excited because turning one meant that he now gets a lollipop when he leaves the doctors! Fun times....especially since we opted to not vaccinate so no shots!

So we are terribly thankful for our little ones' health. God is so good!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally unpacked

We finally finished the kids room. YEAH!!!! I even got pictures on the walls and the drawers organized and toys done. We are so excited. They have the cutest little cozy room with a great window. Just perfect for the two of them!

This is the top of Bubby's dresser The end of Emma's bed. They do not have a closet, so we hung wooden pegs for their clothes. And then she has her jewelery boxes on her bookshelf at the end of her bed.
A picture of them on their dresser
The wall of toys and Bubby's crib

The dresser area Emma's bed. And you can see her favorite place to play, because Bubby cannot get her
Bubby enjoying his new clean space
Bubby's hooks

That is all....come join us and play!

Second haircut

After seeing me comb Bub's hair the other day after his bath and it was coming down to his shoulders, Tal put his foot down and said no more! So I gave him his second hair cut, but the first real big one. Tal might have cried when his little girl got her first bang cut, but I really cried with my boy's first all over hair cut....

We did not get one after he got his hair cut. So here is the best one I found. Sorry I am in it! But doesn't he look grown up??

Christmas in Memphis....and the last one.

Emma gets Piglet! Oh, I love him!
Bubby unwrapping his present
Thanking Uncle Mark!
Unwrapping more presents
Showing off my concrete truck

Big Tree little boy
Looking at toys, a baby MP3 player! Bubby thinks he is cool
Trying out my Disney sprayer from Uncle Mark

I love my uncles!

all of them, where is Mike?? Me and My grandmother, Grandma Nicky

Dancing in her MawMaw Nightgown
That is all folks! The fun is over, I am out of Christmas pictures.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas at MawMaw and PawPaw's house

MawMaw sporting her new do
Getting her new do
Getting ready to EAT
Drinking some tea

Gotta get some good running around in my diaper time before company comes
Fairy princess
Catching a snooze
Waiting for presents
Checking out the walker
Boy, I wish I was big enough to play with them
Can I open them now???

Boy, I wish these teeth would come in

Taking pictures

Emma dancing in her nightgown
Bubby changing the channels
Emma doing Carol Beth's hair

Elliot stealing a drink from Emma's cup

"Uncle" Reece putting Elliot to the top

Looking at the "spooky doll" (I actually think it is cute!)

Bubby and the chicken

That is all folks!