You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up late again with the Bubster

Well, apparently there is not adjusting Bubby's sleep schedule to get it straight. If he takes a nap during the day, he cannot get to sleep at a decent hour at night. And if we make him skip his nap, by five pm he is begging to go to sleep only to be up in an hour or two and really not going back to bed. So this is really not fun because Tal has to go to bed early because he gets up at four am everyday. Therefore I am getting the joy of staying up late everynight with my blessing of a son. He is so good, just not sleepy.

So we are now officially full term, which means we are okay to have the baby. I still have a little more than two weeks until my due date. But everything is a go. And boy it won't be a moment too soon. I have had quite a few contractions, but nothing in the way of actual labor yet. Everything seems to be going great. I go back to the midwife on Wednesday to get checked out. But so far so good!

Emma is doing great. I cannot believe that she is going to be four years old this Wednesday. I remember the days leading up to her arrival and thinking it would never get here. And now I have this big girl. We had her little birthday party tonight with her brother and Uncle Mike. It was so much fun. She had been asking for a snow globe. I got her a Hello Kitty one, and was thinking she would not really like it as much as she thought. But boy, that girl is attached already. She had a great time. She just adores being around her she calls family. She helped make her cake today. She is a great little helper. She is getting more and more excited about the baby. I hope she is not too disappointed when the baby actually gets here. She is also excited that Tal's break is soon and we will actually get to see him a few days. She helped me make Christmas cards the other day. She is quite adept at putting on stamps and licking envelopes. She has been cracking us up with Knock Knock jokes lately. They don't makes sense really but she loves telling them to us. I wish I could think of all the funnies she has said recently, but they are escaping me at the moment. Tuesday is her last ballet for this year and it will resume again in January. She is doing fabulous. I cannot wait for her recital and just hope I will be able to make it on Jan 13th to see her dance and do her gymnastics.

Bubby, wow! that kid is hillarious. He cracks us all up, including himself. He was playing with his train tracks, as usual, last night and was holding a part of it higher than the rest so that he could have a bridge he said. We taped CARS the movie the other day and I think we have seen it 21 times in the last seven days. He talks up a storm and loves to do anything his Sissy is doing. He follows her non stop. He is excited about the holidays and is eating it all up even though he really doesn't know what to expect. Tonight when opening presents you would have thought he was given the moon. He was just so excited at everything. So so cute. He is a delightful little boy.

Tal is closing out his first semester. And still really enjoying his job. It is definitely challenging to say the least. But he feel really good about where he is and being a teacher. He starts his masters in education in January, so we are sure to be extremely busy. But we have handled it this far. The Millington girls are doing well in the basketball department. We have two more games that Tal has to attend before Christmas and then a long tournamnet after Christmas. So it is going to be a busy Christmas break for Tal. No rest for the weary!

Well, we will keep you up to date about the progress of the baby. Pray he/she comes soon!


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Surprise Surprise,,,,two posts in a week!

This has been a great week getting lots done and working on more stuff to do. It is already such a busy time of year for most people but compounded for us with basketball with Tal and the new baby with me!

We have now reached the safe to have the baby stage! Hip Hip horrah! Of course, every day is another day of growth, so we are fine to keep waiting. Although we are all getting anxious to meet either Pete or Maggie Jeanne. The kids especially are getting really excited. I have a lot more to get done. But feel that it would be okay if he or she shows up soon. It will get done eventually!

I am still feeling pretty good. Just really tired and worn out most of the time. Have had a lot of practice contractions. Just have to get a lot of rest in between activities. It is such a blessing living with my mom right now because we can team up on a lot of stuff and that is really nice when I am worn out.

Emma Grace is steadily practicing for her upcoming recital in ballet and gymnastics. I sure hope I get to go see it. It is in January so hopefully so! Her favorite things these days are counting backwards from ten, counting to 100, and writing letters. She also has been reveling in the season with the lights and decorations. She is convinced we are getting her a bike for we shall see!

Bubby, well, Bubby is my sweet heart. He is such a momma's little boy lately. Such a joy. Loves to grab my face and say, "Love Momma!" And what a joy that is! He is so into trains and cars. He watches Thomas and the movies Cars almost nonstop. Unless of course we are asking for Dora! He loves to play with his big sister. He is excited about meeting his new baby. He told me they are going to watch football when it comes out! He is all boy, carrying around a ball most of the time. He has gotten really picky about what he eats. But I figure that is the whole two year old, too busy to eat most of the time anyway. He will eat when he is hungry!

Tal is doing good. Only ten more days of teaching until the semester is finished. He is soooooo busy with basketball... you can keep up with the girls at and type in Millington Central
He is starting his masters in education in he won't be busy, huh? We are so proud of him though. Just wish we saw him more.

To close out here are two pictures of my two cuties! I am going to try to get posts done for each of them with pictures over the last year. Before it becomes the three of them!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Baby doing grea!

We met with the midwives today at our home. It was great to have them here and get to kind of map out how everything will work. Baby #3 is doing great. Heartbeat was perfect and squirming up a storm...So we have everything here and ready. Now just is the waiting game. We have anywhere from two to six or so weeks. YAY!! I am so ready for this adventure to have come and gone. But patience, patience!!! I am right at between 35 and 36 weeks. So keep your fingers crossed! And we will keep you updated!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So much to do, so little time to do it in...

Well tomorrow marks 34 weeks and counting. We had a great visit with the midwife yesterday. She feels everything is going remarkedly well. I have gained right at 18 pounds, but that is from my start weight, I also lost ten pounds, so I think I have actually gained 28 pounds all together, but she doesn't count the ten I lost down to. Which is a good thing! The baby is in a good position, needs to rotate a little but okay for now. My hemoglobin is back up again, it was 9.3 and is now 12.3 YAY!!! So no wonder I have had more energy!! So everything else is a go. We have a home visit in two weeks. And from then we are just on wait mode. It could be anywhere from three to sixish weeks!!! maybe even more if we are late.

The kids helped me bake pies yesterday. We made an apple, pecan, and German Chocolate pecan pies all from scratch, including the crust. Remind me never to be so ambitious with that many little hands around. With mom's help washing dishes, it only took a little over two hours, but boy~ I was tired when it was done. The kids had a great time though. Bubby loves to help as much as Emma does, no matter if it is cooking, cleaning, or building things.

Today we are set to go through all the kids clothes that have been outgrown and we haven't gotten put up in the attic yet. Fun times, huh? Hopefully the kids will cooperate. Bubby got up way early this morning, so he may actually take a nap. It is such a toss up for me because most times it is a lot easier to let him stay up all day and go to bed earlier. But sometimes I just cannot make it, especially because Tal doesn't get home until late at night. Tonight he is supposed to have a community pep rally, not sure if he will go or not. And tomorrow night, the game doesn't even start until 8pm. (which is the kids bedtime). So we won't see him pretty much until Saturday morning, at which time he again has to leave and go coach two basketball games. So we will for sure see him on Sunday~ life with a high school basketball coach! But be on the lookout for Millington Central High School! They are good!!!

Well, time to go chase two little ones and sort clothes at the same time!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally an update....

Well, it has been forever since I really wrote an update. I have found that I get stuck just using Facebook and should be busy doing other things even then. But I thought I would give a little update on our very crazy busy life!

Tal is doing great in school. He had his first observation about a month ago and passed with flying colors. His main struggle has been classroom management, and he has picked up some great pointers and is doing much better. He starts his masters in teaching in January. Praise the Lord, we found a program that is entirely online. With three small children, teaching, and coaching basketball, we weren't exactly sure when he would fit in actually going to class. This has been one of the greatest finds of the fall!!! Basketball starts in full force next week. He has been having practices for the last two months, but nothing like the extra games here and there on top of the practices. For now, practices have been every other week he is there until 4:30, which means almost six when he gets home. And the other weeks he practices until 6:30, which means more like 8 when he gets home. So very long days when he leave our house by 5am every day. But we are so thankful for his job. And coaching is just part of it. He is officially the JV coach and the assistant coach to the varsity. Millington Central High School is 29th in the country, 6th in the region, and I found them ranked first in the state!!!! So it looks like our season will more than likely be extended by an extra four weeks to include local/regional/state tournaments! But how much fun is going to state if you are having to coach!!! Tal's dad used to say he would have all girls and have his own girl's basketball team. Well, I don't think he meant it this way, but Tal is coaching girls!!!!

Emma Grace is getting so excited about turning four! Well, she has been excited about turning four since she turned three! and is already talking about turning five. hehe She is very into "school" right now. and loves to write letters and numbers. We have started basic french. I am learning right along side her. We are having fun together. She is LOVING ballet/gymnastics. She goes every Tuesday and practices while we are at home. She has her first recital in January! I am hoping to make it. She is a big helper around the house. Loves to cook and clean. She has grown in leaps and bounds with her tendency to whine, she is really trying to learn not to whine to get her way. She really wants to be a boss (what first born girl doesn't) She asked me the other day when could she be a real boss (we have told her she is a boss, but the boss of herself and all she can boss herself is to tell herself to obey her mom and dad). So she was wanting to know if she had gotten big enough to boss her brother yet. She was very disappointed when the answer was no. She seems to have adjusted well to my grandfather's death. I wasn't sure how she would react since almost half of her life, he has lived with her. But she assures us all that he is in heaven. At the funeral, she insisted on viewing his body, which was a half opened casket. Later that day she was very puzzled and asked, Mom, we saw his head and arms, but what did they do with his legs and feet??? Try explaining that one even though they were in the box, she just did not understand. But she tells everyone that he is in heaven and we will see him one day.

James Elliot is getting soooo big. Not necessarily in stature, but definitely in overall maturity. He is talking up a storm and will try to say just about anything. Last night after sneezing, instead of saying, "my nose" or something like that he said, "Mom, kleenex". He is really into cars, trains, and blocks. He has gotten to be hard to get him to eat because he is so busy. But it doesn't seem to bother him so far. I have started a new tradition or rule I guess, I fix us all the same lunch and have it at the table ready to eat before I call them in. I make them sit and watch one Blue's Clues while I get it ready. Bubby my picky eater, has actually eaten veggies two days in a row with lunch! And I am not constantly up and down during lunch. It has worked out great! Why did I not do this before. He is talking a lot about the baby lately. So I think he is starting to sort of figure it out. But of course it is going to rock his world!!!! I cannot believe he is about to be two. He is such my sweet heart. Loves to make people smile and laugh.

The baby is officially 33 weeks today. So only about four to seven weeks left to go....YIKES!!! I am excited and nervous all that the same time. We are not nearly ready for this little one. I haven't pulled out a bit of baby stuff yet. But will probaby do that later in month or early December. This baby moves a lot lately. Hopefully that is not indicative of a very active baby because I am due a quiet baby! but if not, at least I am very used to active babies!!! Mine cannot ever be accused of lacking initiative or energy....

And me, well, I am ready to be done with this pregnancy, but thanking God that things are moving along and healthy. It has been more challenging being pregnant with a two year old boy, whose go button stays lit up. Also, with Tal's schedule being so demanding, it has been very difficult to rest any at all. Plus, I am still recooperating from taking care of my grandfather, especially that last two months. I also have been struggling with low hemoglobin levels which has made me even more tired than I should be. Hopefully when I go into the midwife next Wednesday they will find that this is correcting itself. I have been bulking up on the iron, but still am having trouble feeling up to par. don't know whether to attribute it to late in pregnancy or really not feeling well.

The holidays will prove to be even busier than we have ever been. Tal has basketball tournaments starting next weekend all the way until after new years. Almost back to back, including on Thanksgiving DAy! UGH but thankful for a job. Then we have two birthdays to celebrate, not to mention my mom's and two brothers, but the kids remind me daily we have to celebrate theirs and since we did not get it done this summer! And last but certainly not least we have the arrival of our new little bundle of joy sometime in the middle of all that! Life is great!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

And he is at peace....

For those who don't know through facebook or the arcaic phone, Big Daddy, Thomas Houser, breathed his last breaths at 12:38am this morning. God was so gracious and allowed all of his children as well as his two oldest grandchildren and oldest great granddaughter to be in the room with him as he passed from the earthly world into heaven. We are so thankful for all the love and support and prayers that we have been the great recipients of. God has been good to us to allow us to walk this road with my grandfather.

Funeral plans are tenatively set for Monday afternoon, but we will update with more specific plans. The funeral will be in Jackson, TN. His home of many years.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

For those not on Facebook yet....

Update on my grandfather...his health is failing rapidly and it will most likely be a matter of hours before he is dancing on the streets of Gold with His Savior. Please pray that he will go without much more suffering. He is having a very difficult time breathing. It sounds like he is drowning. Pray that he has peace.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten Weeks or so and counting.....

I have finally reached the 30 week mark. This is a much celebrated mark in my life right now. I am so excited that I will not be pregnant in ten weeks give or take a week or two. What a relief....although, it serves as a very sobering reminder that I have a TON of work to do. We did start in ernest today switching our rooms. We are putting our bedroom next door in order to pull the toys out of the kids rooms to make room for a toddler bed in addition to the crib and Emma's big girl bed. We only made slight progress because both Tal and I are more than exhausted. I have only been getting a few hours of sleep a night because I have been sitting up with Big Daddy and he in turn has had both kids. The kids though have been troopers. I am thankful for their constant joy and enthusiasm with life. It has made this all a whole lot easier.

To end on a funny note, today Emma brought me a package of smarties. She was eating one herself. This is her new favorite candy. She finished and said, "Well, now I will be smart" then she paused and added, "and pregnant" So funny when they use words that they are not entirely sure what they mean....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Well, Big D was doing a little better today. They started giving him some water by his PEG tube today. Which is a huge improvement over the vomiting that had been occuring. Tomorrow maybe they will start the food!

Matt got engaged last night to Kristin! So they now start the adventure towards married life! Today we had a little cookout for them. It was fun meeting some of their friends and hanging out with them all. But we are all thoroughly exhausted. I just laid Bubby down and now am going back for Emma Grace!

Talk to you all Soon!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update on Big D

Out of surgery and in recovery doing fine!!!! Now we just adjust to it all! He will be in the hospital at least a few more days. Thanks for your prayers!!!

Also, please keep my friend's dad in your prayers, Mr. Dagg. He helps run a great boys camp for troubled boys in FL. There has been some allegations of abuse by a counselor. It has resulted in the counselor and Mr. Dagg as director to be arrested. He is currently out on bail and his lawyer says the allegation, which are false, hopefully can be dismissed. Please pray for them

Update on Big Daddy

Well, briefly, Big D is going to get his PEG tube right now.

For now this will be his primary form of sustanence. Please pray for him to adjust well to it and have limited pain as he recovers from the minor insertion surgery. Also that he will find rest and peace and not be as agitated as he has been. It is so hard to see him like this, and I am sure it is hard to be in that condition. Mom is with him today and I will probably go up later in the day to sit with him awhile after Tal gets home from work.

Also, pray for Tal. He is have his adjustment phase to school and learning how to handle unruly students. It has been a hard couple of weeks and he is seeking help from older teachers and doing really well. So just pray that God gives him wisdom as he works with these students!

Update on Bubby_ He is doing much better. Still fighting a sinus infection. He has had a difficult time on the medicine that they originally gave him. Causing severe diarrhea and stomach irratation. He has a second one to start today. I am a little nervous to try it, but will start it after lunch probably.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Much Better

Bubby is much better now. The concussion's affects seem all but gone. They did find a sinus infection, so he is enduring antibiotics for that and will be all better soon! Thanks for your prayers. Now just pray he finally realizes he cannot go up and down the stairs by himself yet!

Big Daddy is still in the hospital and facing a lot of health issues at this point. Please pray for my mom, aunt and uncle as they make decisions that God will give them wisdom. Also that the right doctors and nurses will be assigned to his case. He is currently not being allowed to eat until they determine if he will ever be able to swallow again without aspirating. So pray for peace for him as well. It is hard seeming him go through this. So just pray for strength and peace for the whole situation!

Thanks for keeping up with us!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

What a weekend

Just a few little updates....will type more later when it is not in the middle of the night. Thursday Bubby fell down the stairs in our house. They are wooden and he did several flips and hit his head really hard. Friday he threw up so we took him to the doctor. She sent us to the ER at Lebonheur. They found he had a concussion and neck strain. It was a long long day for poor Bubby. But he seems to be recovering. He does still grab his head once and awhile.

Then today, Saturday, Big Daddy, who has had a cough all week, was much worse. So in the middle of the afternoon we decided it was time to go to the ER. And sure enough he has pneumonia. So he was admitted. We got him there about five and then mom and dad got there at 1oish. We were able to get him settled in a room at about midnight and mom and I then came home, while his aid stayed with him. So we have a long weekend ahead of us.

Please pray for recovery, health and no more people in the hospital!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

My friend, Meredith, and I took the kids to the zoo the other day in order to allow Tal time to study and prep for school! Here are a few pictures of the kids!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girls Night

Awhile ago, Emma and I had a girls night. We did out hair and nails! She did mine and I did hers, can you tell?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby #3 At Twenty Weeks

So what do you think: Boy or Girl??? We will find out in December or January!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Update

Baby #3 or affectionately called Maggie Jean or Pete by Emma Grace had his/her checkup today. Everything looked great. We are close to 21 weeks! YEAH!!!! My midwives, Amy and Andrea, said everything looked great. I am "textbook" picture perfect they said. I remarked how well this pregnancy seemed to be quickly pregnancy amnesia sets in, it was only days ago that I was throwing my guts up! But I am feeling much better, other than being tired, which seems that I am perpetually exhausted I am great. I will be glad when it is easier to sleep though the night without the discomfort. But I would not trade it for the world right now because in just over four months we will have another precious little one!!!

Tomorrow we are going for an ultrasound to just make sure everything looks A OK! Sorry, you won't know what the sex is tomorrow, but you might get to see a picture of our cutie pie! We are keeping the sex a secret even from ourselves. Which has been a hard thing to do and will be even harder when we are there and have the ability to see.

Heartbeat was really strong and Maggie Jean or Pete is moving around a lot. So we are just thrilled that we are moving right along! Will keep you updated!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday monday

So another week has dawned and while the kiddos are happily playing with two buckets and about five pounds of coins, I think I will update the world...(why exactly do I buy them toys???)...

Tal survived his first week of school, only to further cement my desire never to send my kids to public schools. Teachers are special people. He is loving his new job. And as soon as he gets all the kinks ironed out of it, I think he will love it even more. He has spent most of the first two weeks or so finding everything he needs to be in his classroom, such as overhead projectors, bookshelves, etc. Of course, he has only been in his classroom for a week. But that is the joys and trials of a new teacher. Now he can concentrate more on just teaching and doing the ends and outs of administrative stuff! He has five classes, of which, only one seems to give him fits. That is a blessing. He really loves his job though and has a great system of co-workers that have provided great support for him. We are so thrilled about this job. We did get his classroom decorated and as soon as I can find our card reader that Bubby artfully has hidden, I will post more pictures.

Emma is doing great! loved her ballet class immensely. They had thirty minutes of tumbling and then thirty minutes of dancing. She was totally in her element. She did great in the tumblind part, the dance will come. She just has to figure out how to get all the step together at the same time....She has been really growing as a big sister this week as well. She has made great strides with sharing with her brother. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit. On Saturday, she got up and announced she wanted a haircut. She has not had one except for me trimming her bangs. So we took her for a trim. She was soooooo excited and showed everyone. It was a little shorter than I had thought it would be, but the lady said we had a lot of deadends. She is so cute and her hair is still quite long. So it will be fun to let it grow out again.

Bubby on the other hand, also got a hair cut! but he was not so pleasant. He has had about five from me and one from another barber. But he majorily got scared. Not sure what happened, but that kid would not sit still. Even in my lap with my legs wrapped around his, one arm around his upper body and the other holding his head still. I cannot believe he looks good. I had hair ALL over me. Emma was laying on the ground screaming, "Stop it, he doesn't like it. You are hurting him....don't do it." She is very protective of her brother. He did survive though! He is still jabbering up a storm. He is very into Thomas the Train right now. He wants to watch "train, train" all the time. So cute!

Baby #3 is doing well as far as we know. We got to the midwife tomorrow for a checkup. We are finally over the midway hump! Thank the Lord!!! So it is all down hill from here. It is so nice to think that we have a lot less in front than we do behind and more every day. I am still have good and bad days. Mostly I can attribute the bad days to not resting enough. So I am trying to be good and get my rest.

Well, the kids are no longer content to play with coins, so I am off to be a mom!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomorrow my Babe starts school!!!

Well, Tal is starting his first official day as a teacher. So he is all ready with his bags packed. It should be a big adventure. We did go up on Friday to decorate his room, but once again they had changed which room would be his. So it was put off until this week, hopefully!!! But I did get to make his Rules and Procedures posters for his room today. All we need to do now is laminate them. So pray for a smooth and pleasant day as he meanders his way around this new job. He will do great!!!!!

Emma starts her new class on Tuesday. My baby has her first class ever!!! How much fun. She has been prancing around here today like the gymnast on TV. So fun.

I am counting the days until Friday when I will be officially halfway through this pregnancy!! Things are going much better. I am no longer throwing up all day long or needing medication everyday to make it through the day. I still am tired more, but that is normal. YEAH!!! half way until we see this new precious life!

Bubby has really been repeating everything we say! He is so cute. ANYTHING Emma Grace says, will come out of his mouth too.

Emma has said a few priceless things this weekend. One being tonight while she was upset about something, Tal was patting her on the back and she said, "Dad, don't pat me, I am not an animal." Cannot remember the others right now.

The cat now has a new home. Mark took him to our good friends' house today. We are so thankful that he will be loved and cared for. Here is to hoping he adjust well and keeps his fun cute personality.

Well, time to put a very awake and lively little girl into her bed! Hopefully it will work!


Friday, August 08, 2008

Our busy life!

So this past week has seen a lot of activity at the Ewing household. Tal started the official part of his job, not just the orientation part. He has been in inservice all week long. Somedays have been tremendously long for him. Leaving at 6am and not returning until 8pm, like yesterday. Some days have been fun and informative while others were simply overwhelming. Fortunately he is at a great school with a tremendous administration. It has been a little crazy trying to get his books, figure out what which classroom is his. But that is normal! He did finally get his books, so tomorrow (Saturday) I have the great opportunity to figure out how to keep the kids occupied for a good chunk of the day and allow him to get a lot of his prep work done at least for this week. My plans so far are the zoo in the morning since it has been a lot cooler the last two days. Then I think after naps we will go to the park. The one by the Collierville Town Square is shaded. That way they can enjoy it more. And so can I!

We are very excited about the Olypmics starting tonight. Emma is especially excited about gymnastics and swimming. Being her very first summer Olympics, she has no clue what she is in for. But it will be fun watching with her. Remember to cheer for Gil Stovall!!! He is from Memphis and I taught him in a jr. High Sunday School class. Great kid!! He is competing in the 200M Butterfly and I am not sure what else.

Today is the last day of my first week back at my job....being a full time mom without Tal around all the time! I was a little, well a lot nervous about doing after having such a nice helper this summer. I had gotten used to sleeping in late every morning and taking naps or rests when needed. But God was so gracious. Things just fell into place. And not only have we survived, but we have thrived! I have gotten more done in the past three days than I had my entire summer. Totally God's grace! The kids fell right back into a nice schedule and routine. Emma and I have had time for her preschooling/preK every day. Nothing huge, but we are getting it done.

Tuesday morning starts a new phase for Emma Grace. She starts her dance/tumbling class. And she is terribly excited about it. She has not taken off the leotard for 60 hours (Well, she has taken if off to exchange it for a clean one, but has not been without a leotard except for bathing times.) I mandated play clothes today for our adventure with Daddy and tomorrow's zoo and park experiences. She wasn't too happy but will live. Hopefully she enjoys class as much as she anticipates it. We have her bag ready with her tap and ballet shoes all ready for her. She has worn both in sufficiently in just two days. It is so cute watching her prance around downstairs on the tile and wood floors. So adorable.

Bubby is still not sleeping well. He has gotten to bed very late several nights. We have resorted to just sticking him in his bed and letting him play himself to sleep. (those of you who know me well, I am a rocker, always have been always will be. I love rocking my babies to sleep every night. and refuse to give it up until they want to. Makes for a little more work, but we love it. Time to talk and pray over them, sing to them etc etc!!) He has also been biting more lately. Usually only me, thank the Lord, he doesn't bite Emma! He is teething but I think it is more aggression because he cannot figure out where his dad is. I did notice the other day though in a picture of Emma Grace that was taken two years ago on 8/8/06 that Elliot actually has a lot more teeth than Emma did at this time. Emma still only had two bottom teeth, where Elliot has six on bottom and top. My kids are notorious for their late teething.

Speaking of Teeth!!! we get to see MARK today. Uncle Mark is coming to town to be a part of yet another wedding. He has been in far more weddings than Ieven have friends I believe. But it is so great to get to see him when he comes for them. So we will hopefully get to hang out a little with him.

Well, that is the news so far. and for our quote of the week.....We were shopping last weekend for Tal's school clothes in Stein Mart. Emma was having a blast playing hide and seek with Elliot. All of a sudden, she yells "Mom, I have to go!" so we decided since Tal was almost finished I would take her to the car where we have a training potty waiting for such times. As we were walking out of the store, she yells across the men's section to her dad, "Dad, we will meet you at the car, I have some SERIOUS business to take care of." Hopefully no one caught what she meant, but we all laughed. Almost as loud as when early in that store shopping experience, I had been looking at shirts for Tal and did not notice Bubby sneaking up behind me. Before I knew it he had clamped down with his teeth on my behind! I screamed and everyone looked as I exclaimed, "Please don't bite me in the boody" Nice one, Mary!!!

Have a good day!

Friday, August 01, 2008

What happens when you think your daughter did not notice the face painting....

So when we were at the Fourth of July celebration at Windyke Country Club, I thought I had sufficiently hidden the fact that they had face painting. It was in a building out of the way, and there were so many other fun things to do. I thought I had successfully averted her seeing the face painting. But after the fireworks were over, we were packing everything up and she begins wailing. I could not figure out what the problem was, thinking maybe it was because she was sad that we were leaving and fireworks were over for another year. But no, it was because she did not get her face painted. SOOO, the next day, Tal and I got to get our face painted thanks to Emma Grace! And I painted her! We had fun doing it! Here are the pictures to prove it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sorry for lack of blogging

Things have been rather crazy lately around the Ewing household. I am finally going to update you all.

The mid-endish of July we were able to spend almost five days with Tal's family in Arkansas, which was lovely! We swam with Aunt Jamie, ate lunch with Grammy's friends, visited Pop Pop's grave, had breakfast with MeMe and Grandaddy and a nice afternoon of playing and eating with MawMaw and PawPaw. It was so nice! Plus, it was my first few days off from my job here at home for almost two months. Much needed break! Although my grandfather had been diagnosed with parkinsons the day we left, so I spent a lot of time on the phone with mom and his other caretakers problem solving his medications and his body's adjustment to them. But we had a grand time with Grammy and our other relatives and our looking forward to our next vacation!

Then when we got home, most of our Regenold family relatives had all left or were leaving shortly after we got there. Mike is in Texas playing golf. Matt went to Georgia with his girlfriend, Kristen. And my parents left a few days later to visit with Mark and my dad's dad and stepmom. So the kids are thoroughly confused over where all the peeps are right now and are ready for next week when everyone is where they should be for a few days!

We returned on Tuesday and went straight to a midwife appointment beforing even getting home. Everything looks great. Baby is moving a lot and growing at just the right speed. Currently we are in our 18th week. I am feeling better by the day. But that sounds a lot better than it really is. I still feel awful! or at least a lot of the time. God has been good to allow us to have a few decent days though. And provided that I rest things are good. Emma Grace thoroughly enjoyed the midwife's office. She was so interested in every procedure that was performed. It was great! She would have drawn the blood if they let her.

Now for Tal! On the Wednesday after we arrived back on the 23rd of July! He had two interviews. One was with Mass Mutual, a second interview. It went really well and they pretty much were positive he could get a job there. And that it would be a pretty decent job as well. It sounded pretty good and we should know this week sometime about that. But he also had an interview, the initial interview, with Shelby County School System. It was not nearly as positive. Upbeat, you could say, but they pretty much let him know that there were not any jobs in his field of expertise at this time (economics or history) and therefore he would have to just hope that something opened up. The interviewer said that it does happen that people retire or transfer at the last minute. So it did not sound promising seeing the new teacher orientation started in less than a week.

But then the very next morning, Tal was checking his messages and found that he had missed a call at 8am that morning. It was the very same guy he had interviewed with at Shelby County. They wanted him to interview for a job. We were so thrilled, we had no idea where or what for, but it was just so cool after we had pretty much given up hope for a teaching job at Shelby County. Yes, maybe Memphis, and actually we thought that must have been Memphis that was calling him back. But it was not. So later that day he finally got back in touch with Mr. Mayo and was able to set up an interview with Millington High School for Friday morning early!

Everything went well for the interview and they seemed to really like him. He really enjoyed meeting the assistant principal. She has a son his age that is a youth pastor. So there were major points there in common. And the principal was about his age and a very nice man. The major problem was that he was not able to teach geography and they needed econ and geography. He got a call about 2pm saying that they really wanted him for the job, but unless the Board approved him to teach geography they could not hire him. They said they were waiting to hear from the Board. Within a few minutes really, he got another call from Mr. Mayo offering him the job!!! Praise the Lord.!

Then things kicked into overdrive. He only waited to call him mom and then was out the door to get his paperwork and start the acceptance process. He needed a physical and a background check. So Friday afternoon, he got the paperwork. Then Monday he spent four hours getting his physical done and getting his finger prints. Then Wednesday, yesterday, he went to his first day of new teacher orientation!!!! The first half was about benefits and then he got to tour his school and find his classroom. He also found out in addition to economics and geography, he will be teaching World History as well, which he is excited about being his major. So he won't get his textbooks until Monday and will have one week to prepare for three entirely different subjects! But he can do my super smart husband! We are so proud of him. And in addition to this, he will also be assistant coaching one of the girl's basketball teams as well. Not sure yet which one, but they said he should know by next week!

In preparation for Tal's new schedule, we have been adjusting our children's schedule as well. We have gotten a little spoiled with our free summer. And of course, since I used to work nights, we have always had Emma Grace on a later schedule than she should be. She was used to going to bed at 11pm and sleeping until almost ten am. Bubby has been on a tighter schedule, he usually goes to bed at 8 or 8:30pm and gets up about 7am. But we are all going to bed earlier now. So far Emma has adjusted to it remarkably well. She doesn't necessarily love it. But she is starting to fall into routine. And knows that after her bedtime snack (usually fruit or cereal), then we go read one book, pray and time to lay down. She was a little resistant to it at first, but now lays right down and within a few minutes is out! Bubby on the other hand, has been totally opposite. I thought it would be easier for him. He has been fighting sleep, no matter how tired he is. So we are getting to bed earlier than usual, but still not as early as I would like. But hopefully within the week we can remedy that. Tal has to leave our house no later than 6am to get to school on time. So we really need to support him by being on a good schedule. (the only downside to our new schedule is Emma Grace used to sleep in every morning and now she gets up super early every day and Bubby sleeps in now. used to be if I could just him to sleep a little later life would be grand, now he sleeps and she doesn't! But oh well, at least with him asleep and her awake I get a shower in peace while she watches cartoons)

Emma Grace is doing great. She is growing like a weed. And becoming such a nice young lady. She is playing better and better with Elliot. She does still occasionally want her space, but has more often than not wanted him around more. She is into tea parties, coloring, Dora (STILL), and ballet. She is taking her first ballet/tumbling class this fall. She is really excited about it. It starts in about a week. YEAH!! My favorite quote of Emma this week has been: She was leaning over my belly talking to the baby and she said, "I will be four when you come out and I will be big enough to carry you everywhere. I will always love you and take care of you."

James Elliot's tongue has been loosed! little jabber box! He talks all the time. He doesn't shut up anymore. But we love it. His favorite questions is "What's that?" He asked it all day long. Which is great because it is how he learns new words. It is especially cute when he asks "what's that" and then answers it before we can. He still adores Emma Grace. He has continued to develop his sweet, tender spirit. He can still be pretty wild, but has also got a sensitive side as well. When Emma gets hurt, even when he had no involvement, he quickly says he is very sorry. OR if she gets in trouble, he runs in the room and says, sorry. Not sure if he is proactively avoiding a spanking or if he really just takes care of her. Could be the first one! He is so excited about the baby or at least he thinks he is. When he sees a baby on tv, he immediately comes and hugs his baby! So much fun. He is into balls these days like no one's business. And his favorite thing of all time is the Hillshire farm commerical where the men are grilling the brawtworsts. and doing the cheer/chant. He loves it and will dance/chant with them! so funny. He wants you to rewind over and over again. My bad for every rewinding it!

So that is our recap so far. I wish I could capture every cute moment and record them all. I do have a ton of pictures to upload, but my cord has been misplaced. So until I either find my cord or a card reader, you will have to wait!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fourth Fancies!

Saturday we went to Wyndyke Country Club as guests of my parents. Also, Deryl and Tracy Williams and their three boys joined us. The kids were able to play in the inflatables and then watch the fireworks. It was a blast! It rained literally until we got out of the car, but we so enjoyable the rest of the night.
Emma and Reece enjoying the fireworks
Bubby and I enjoying the fireworks

Uncle Matt

Bubby enjoying his glow stick. He loved waving it and seeing the light float around. Emma enthralled with the fireworks
Bubby getting his first real glimpse of fireworks. He slept through last year.
Enjoying the show

Emma and Reece bouncing

Bubby wishing he could bounce! NEXT YEAR!

It was fun! Wish you were there!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Go Gil!!!

Last night a friend of ours made it to the Olympics in the Men's 200M Butterfly!!! Go Gil Stovall!!!! He is awesome and you sould keep your eyes open for him in the Olympics.

Here is a link to an interview with him back in may;jsessionid=E8B8486251C5B4BE0C18BFC5C3C5FD09

Go Gil!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008


I haven't had much desire to sit at the computer and type, because I haven't felt well. But for now both kids are asleep and it is almost nine am in the morning, so I thought I would take advantage of this wonderful quiet time.

As many of you know, Tal has been looking to switch jobs. Actually, he is hoping to get a job teaching history or economics in the city or county schools. He went last week for his initial interview with the city schools, but the county's initial interview isn't for another 3 or so weeks. It looks really promising for him to get a job with the city. I was a little apprehensive at first but he is so excited about teaching again. Although he has never officially taught school, he loved teaching the youth group, Sunday school, subsituting etc. So I think he will be good at it. Now we are just waiting for a specific job offer. So pray that he gets one with a good school and not too far away from us. He has another interview today with Mass Mutual a company not unlike what he was previously with at Shoemaker, but they have a job that is not commission based. So his salary is garunteed. He just called and told me that the initial interview went well and if he gets selected for a second interview he will know in a few weeks. So hopefully we will know by the end of July what he will be doing!!

The kids are growing up so fast. Emma Grace is excited about learning her letters and numbers lately. She has learned how to count to twenty by listening to others. It is so cute. She has kinda of gotten how to count to forty, but after that sometimes it goes off into number never never land! She has also grown to really love her brother. It is neat to see her share and love on him. She never lets him take a nap or go to sleep without a kiss first. He is equally enamored with her, and always has been so he is so excited that she is recipicating his affection now. They frequently hug. And they also share their fair share of hits, pinches, pushes, screams, etc!!! Brother sister love at its best. Emma has also gotten to be an even bigger help in the kitchen. She washes the veggies before dinner. She is great at potatoes. She can help shape hamburgers, mix cake batters (her favorite because of the reward of the bowl. She was not happy when James Elliot decided the other night that after we poured the brownie batter in the pan that he would pour kosher salt in the bowl and ruined all the yummy batter.), and her newest accomplishment is learning to cut squash for squash and onions. She has been fascinated with chopping veggies, but there are not many that are soft enough for her to cut. She is OF COURSE diligently supervised through the whole thing. But she thinks she has done it all herself. So cute. She has graduated from kiddie plates as she calls them and is using the wide big plates that mom uses for summer time. She is so excited about that. And she is still eating like a champ. Not always a lot, but loves variety. Her favorite foods are still mushrooms, red bell peppers, strawberries, meatloaf, bread, jelly, butter, spinach, and corn. She is still as tiny as ever, but I swear she has gained weight and the scale is just lying. She loves painting her nails, doing hair, helping Nuther Momma, swimming, riding her tricycle, coloring and reading books. And the other night my little cute toddler became a big girl when she threatened to run away after I told her she could not climb up on the tottering stool to grab something. I actually literally bit my tongue so as not to laugh. That must be how God feels when I threaten Him in my childish anger. He must look at me with the same amusement and love as I did her in her three year old glory telling me she was out of here! She made a quick recovery and within a few minutes was cuddled up with me reading her nighttime story! So our family is intact!! This weekend she discovered the joys of a moon bounce! I am sick that we did not take pictures. She was a little wild woman. We have tried to get her to jump on one before, but always she said she was scared. She saw it this time and ran, err, leaped down the sidewalk to the entrance and was in it before I could get there. She was by far the smallest child in it. But she held her own. She would jump and then leap up and catch the netting about two feet above her and hold on like spider man. It was so incredible. I think there is a moonbounce at the fourth of july celebration at the golf course where my parents are members. We will have to see if she goes in it again!

James Elliot, WOW, he is growing up so fast. I cannot believe this time last year he could barely sit up on his own and now he is running, jumping, climbing, talking, getting his own water out of the frig dispenser, being defiant, loving life!!! He tries to do everything that Emma does. Usually he is successful, but when he is not he is just mad that he cannot. He is now drinking out of a regular cup most of the time. We still do sippy cups when he is walking around, but at the table it is a big boy cup. Emma did not even get the concept til she was much older. Crazy! He loves the cat that Mike has in the garage here. He loves to eat hot dogs, any kind of fruit, and his newest loves is sauteed onions. He will eat almost the entire onion in one sitting. He is sleeping much better. He does really well in his crib at night. He will get up and call out for daddy. Tal tells him it is still night time and to go back to sleep. He complains and then goes back to sleep. Emma is proud that he is sleeping in his big boy bed, but refuses to sleep in her bed. They both are into Dora right now. He is soooooo cute saying "doe RAH" He loves it. I never thought he would enjoy TV at all because his personality is so busy. But he has really started liking Dora for some reason. He loves his new tricyle that we can push him along on. And mom got him a bike helment like Emma's since he was always trying to steal hers. He is so proud of his "hat". His favorite past time of all though is looking at pictures of PawPaw on the computer. He adores PawPaw. Which thrills my hearts since our visits are so short and far apart. I was hoping he would get to know them. Tal's family is the best. I could not have asked for a better more loving family to marry into and am thrilled that my kids have this heritage. So Bubby is looking forward to an extended visit in July to see his PawPaw....

So that is the news for the most part....I am in my second trimester FINALLY!!! I am still not feeling well, but I am making it. It has been a blessing to have Tal around lately. I don't know what I would have done. Many days I throw up all day long. But God has been so good to me. Even when I am weak, I feel His strength many times through the kindness you my friends, or the tender words that you have spoken. It has meant so much!

Well, the kids are awake now and I should go feed them! Until next time!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

James Elliot's first "REAL" Haircut

We took Bubby to a barber shop today to get his first "REAL" haircut. I have given him several cuts myself, but he got his first real one today. So much fun. It was a blast having the real experience!

And he is soooooo proud. He walks around saying..."Hair cut" and pulling on his hair. We will have to do this more often!