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Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pictures

Here is Emmy running through the house with a ski mask on. She was being a monster. Bubby sports his colors "Tennessee" Go Vols
Isn't he cute?
That is right!

He hates getting his clothes on. But here he must have been distracted
After a long day, she still smiles occasionally!
Emma's sailor outfit. She had her two and a half year check-up that day. Everything is great and she is 25% percentile for both height and weight. Our petite little girl.
Our petite monster
And there she goes

Our beautiful princess

One bad dude
Who you looking at?
Wet hair

Princess Emmy, They had a little princess parade at the mall on Saturday. You could get free tickets to the Disney on Ice. We are going next Friday to see that with Nuther Mother and Ebony (one of the gals that works for Big Daddy) and her two girls.
Emma petting the dog statue

Emmy and her daddy
Emmy and her crown

Princess Emmy

Prince Bubby

The end!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A night with the Ewings

Daddy and his little man! We used some excema wash that he had when he was a little babe and it helped his roscoela. Elliot cannot decide if you should eat it or draw with it.
Okay, I guess it did not taste so good, so it probably for drawing.
The life of a young Jeepster is soooo hard.
Bubby hit jackpot when we finally got Emma's old activity center out of the attic.
Bubby and Mommy and Daddy through the eyes of Emmy
Mommy- taken by Emmy
Oh, that was funny
Bubby eating a hair brush, he is showing mommy what they are really good for.
Isn't that beautiful? The moon over the garage, although Emma calls it the church.

A have too look close.
Emma and her chalk
Daddy getting "punched" after stepping on Smokey (UT's mascot)

Bubby sporting one of his daddy's old numbers
And elephant for Uncle Mark
A plane that we saw flying by
Daddy stepping on Smokey

Bubby crawling
Emmy sporting her new hat! Isn't is as cute as Aunt Salley's from the other night???
Bubby sporting left over squash and carrots on his lip. I wish I had had my camera earlier. He gave me the most awesome Pop Pop look today. We were out shopping and he was hot and he put his hand on his thigh and stared me down like, "Crazy woman, why are we out in the this heat?" I could hear Pop Pop wanting to know why Tal and I had picked the hottest day in April to move up to a second floor apartment. I sure miss those looks, but I think I will be getting them sent straight from heaven via Bubby!
Cutie pie

And that was our night. Actually it was kind of in reverse because believe it or not, this crazy mom gave her kids a bath before we went outside. They get really fidgetty at the table, so we usually go get our baths while everyone else is finishing up. Then we play. I guess that is fine as long as we get a few layers of dirt off once a day!!!
Thanks for all the prayers, Bubster seems to be feeling slightly better. YEAH!!! We have a relaxing weekend of recuping from the week planned. Our first down weekend in...mmm....months!!!! So hope yours is a great one. More pictures to come. And hope that Paw Paw feels better and MawMaw and Grammy's back and everyone else that is not feeling so well!!! And pray that the heat breaks so my smart Aunt Fran (smart because she took today off and did not go out in this awful heat) who is the most terrific gardener will be able to get back to working for her clients!!!

Good night!