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Thursday, November 08, 2007

YEAH for Wedding Pictures....

Maw Maw and PawPaw Ewing (Aren't they cute!) At the altar
All the wedding party and the parents and siblings
The Bride Us and our parents
Tal and his family
Tal's parents
Me and my girls
Dad and I at the presentation

Mom and I
Tal and his guys
Tal and his dad
My parents and I

I got the CD from the photographer. I just bit the bullet and bought it, so that I could have all the pictures. I am soooooo excited.


Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

Look in the mirror of Maw and Paw, who do you see????? It is so neat!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

love Aunt Sis (Vickie)

10:43 pm

Vickie "Aunt Sis" said...

Who is that in the mirror of the picture of Maw and Paw??????
Hey that is so neat!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are so good and bring back some good memories.

Love Aunt Sis (Vickie)

10:45 p.m.