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Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Beginnings....

First of all, I want to say that my little boy is now standing quite well and has begun to take his first few steps!!! Way to go, Bubby. When he awakens from his nap, I hope to finally get some video. He has not quite cooperated with me yet.

Now, I am going to finally tell you of my latest project. Not that many of you care, but this is really my online journal. So I will put it here. For the last few months, Tal has given me the gift of having a young lady, who is finishing up college, to come by every Friday and help me out. It has been the greatest gift. She is truely an inspiration and a help. She has a wealth of wisdom.

So I have been using her assistance to help clean up my area and get organized. Alas, she graduates in May, so I cannot have her the rest of my life. So about three weeks ago, I made it my goal to be organized by April in order to also graduate myself from the dire need of help. It is really coming along. Our room is almost entirely organized and is staying relatively neat now. (Although that has only been a week or so....) I am excited about the new prospect of being a neat and tidy person. I have decided to turn a new leaf.

What has brought this all about you might ask? Well, for one, I have decided I am frustrated with tripping over things, having to purchase new things because the old ones are broken, ruined or lost, or just not being able to let anyone near my room because of fear of embarrassment. Second, Tal and I have been discussing our goals lately and we have always wanted a large family. This is still our greatest desire, but two is killing me because of my lack of umph and organization. So, in order for me to meet the desired goal of a large family, I want to do it well and it not be total chaos. So I am choosing to start now, with just two. And thirdly, the Gospel is about redemption, moving from chaos to peace. And I want to be redeemed in my entirity and therefore, bring heaven to my little bit of earth. I know that the greatest reason for my messiness was my laziness and general disregard for things. I want Christ to come and redeem that. And also, everytime I right a messy bed, clean the laundry, dust a piece of furniture, I am bringing the Gospel home. I am bringing heaven to my earth. Because disorganization and mess is the result of the fall, not God's ultimate plan for the earth.

So if cleaning could be preached, I have preached it. I really am not preaching to anyone but myself. But seeing my time here on this earth as such, has helped me tremendously in my efforts to restore order to my little piece of this grand world. And maybe, just maybe by April, I will be several more steps along. And then hopefully, God will bless my faithfulness with many, many more responsiblities. (And I hope that they are cute little girls and boys!)

so....I am off to finish tidying the closest. So that my husband can feel as if heaven has visited him when he picks out his clothes on Monday morning....

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