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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Festival and other things

Emma playing football Bubby and Daddy watching Emma. IT WAS COLD

Emma got her faced painted

Emma with her pumpkin, it is the one with all the paint. She spent five hours working on it for the contest. And then another hour or two after we got home after the contest.

Me carving a pumpkin

Emma, Bubby and I carving the pumpkin, If you look closely, Bubby is actually in the process of busting. I caught him with my wrist, that is mommy skills! Carving pumpkin and keeping baby's head safe all a the same time.

Emmy doing the Hippity Hop would have to be a Max and Rubyfan to understand. But she and I are expert hip hoppers

No sense in even trying to get a good picture of them together, too much work

Emma took it.

More to come. Today was a lot of first. Emma actually really played baby doll. And Elliot got his first hair cut. Also yesterday, Elliot went from squatting to standing without pulling up on anything. Crazy how fast it goes. I will get those pictures up tomorrow.

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