You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grieving a friend

Here is a picture of Mom's friend, Trisha, that died last night in a plane crash. She is the one on the far left in the blue blazer. Please keep Mom (White sweater) and Linda (red shirt) in your prayers. This has been a hard day for both of them. Also, and especially for Trisha's husband, Rick, who is in surgery again for his broken leg, sustained in the crash, he has lost his wife and father.

Please Pray!!

On my way to work this morning, mom called me to let me know that her friend, Patricia Musticchi had been killed in a plane crash. Rick and Patricia are two of my mom's best friends and have been there for her since dad passed away. Rick's dad was also killed in the crash, and Rick is in critical condition in Tulsa where the crash took place. So, please pray for:
  1. Rick's recovery
  2. Strength and Peace for Mom
  3. Rick and Patricia's family



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crazy weekend....

Well, we had such a fun weekend planned. On Friday, Tal and the kids and I went to Centerville, TN to see some good friends for the day. It was great, we had so much fun seeing Steve and Steph Tallent and their little girl, Noelle. They own the vitamin company that I have advertised, GREAT STUFF!!! You should check them out.....

So on the way, we had Sonic and I had a not so good tasting sausage and toast. I decided not to finish it. Then all day on Friday, I felt a little queasy. I thought it was car sickness, but could not put my finger on it. Friday night we had chinese takeout and I still felt off but not bad. Then Saturday morning I got up to let Ebony, Big Daddy's help in, and ate a chocolate chip cookie before laying back down for awhile. When I got up, I felt queasy still, but dismissed it as eating a cookie before anything good.

I was so excited to see the Tennessee/Arkansas game and had been razing all my AR family and friend. By game time, I was freezing and wanting to lay down. I got under a huge blanket and got a pillow and layed in front of the TV. I felt horrible by the second half. Then by the middle of the third quarter was sicker than a dog. I could not keep anything in me for the next seven hours. I thought it had calmed down, when it started up again. Finally, Tal insisted I go to the hospital, being a nurse, that was not my favorite option. But I went because I felt so horrible. Once there, they took my vitals and immediately admitted me. (I am glad that I was not a betting woman because I would have lost. I thought I would have sat in the waiting room for hours.) They got an IV in me and put in two bags of fluid fast. My blood pressure had been 80/30s and heart rate was in the 190's. No wonder I was hurting and feeling sick. Then my temperature was 102. I was soooooo sick. But after four liters of fluids and some medicine, they finally discharged me home at five in the morning. They insisted that I had just a bad virus. But I told them they were so wrong. It was definitely a case of food poisoning. And still insist that it was.

It has taken me several days, but I am finally on the mend. I actually ate chili tonight and felt reasonably okay after it. So watch out for the sausage at Sonic....side note, I still love their drinks!

And a belated happy birthday to Grammy! We go to go surprise her yesterday, what FUN!! We love you, Grammy, and wish we were closer. Each day we spend together is so much fun and just a blessing to be with you. You are a great mom and grandma! Thanks for being you!

So to all our family, friends, stalkers, and any other genre of readers out there, we are are thankful for our health, the joy that God has given us, the peace that Jesus brings, and this truely wonderful time of the year. God bless you all!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

YEAH for Wedding Pictures....

Maw Maw and PawPaw Ewing (Aren't they cute!) At the altar
All the wedding party and the parents and siblings
The Bride Us and our parents
Tal and his family
Tal's parents
Me and my girls
Dad and I at the presentation

Mom and I
Tal and his guys
Tal and his dad
My parents and I

I got the CD from the photographer. I just bit the bullet and bought it, so that I could have all the pictures. I am soooooo excited.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two more for the road

Here is Sissy rocking her baby. Sorry it is on its side. My camera doesn't flip them for me. and I forgot to flip it manually. There is a picture almost exactly like this one of me when I was her age. In the same chair. Bubby has started doing everything earlier than Emma, about a month ago he started drinking out of a straw. Emma did not learn until she was 14 months old. Go Bubby!

Bubby's first hair cut

Surprisingly for Bubby, he did really well for his first hair cut. Which was a very good thing, because I was his hair stylist and I did not need a squirmy child to cut.

The toothbrush was a great diversion. We did not get one of the final product. But you can see we had fun.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bubby is learning to WALK

Here is my first try at uploading a video. The quality is poor because we used cheap digital camera. Our nice camera is in the shop and our video camera had no juice. But at least we got it.

New Beginnings....

First of all, I want to say that my little boy is now standing quite well and has begun to take his first few steps!!! Way to go, Bubby. When he awakens from his nap, I hope to finally get some video. He has not quite cooperated with me yet.

Now, I am going to finally tell you of my latest project. Not that many of you care, but this is really my online journal. So I will put it here. For the last few months, Tal has given me the gift of having a young lady, who is finishing up college, to come by every Friday and help me out. It has been the greatest gift. She is truely an inspiration and a help. She has a wealth of wisdom.

So I have been using her assistance to help clean up my area and get organized. Alas, she graduates in May, so I cannot have her the rest of my life. So about three weeks ago, I made it my goal to be organized by April in order to also graduate myself from the dire need of help. It is really coming along. Our room is almost entirely organized and is staying relatively neat now. (Although that has only been a week or so....) I am excited about the new prospect of being a neat and tidy person. I have decided to turn a new leaf.

What has brought this all about you might ask? Well, for one, I have decided I am frustrated with tripping over things, having to purchase new things because the old ones are broken, ruined or lost, or just not being able to let anyone near my room because of fear of embarrassment. Second, Tal and I have been discussing our goals lately and we have always wanted a large family. This is still our greatest desire, but two is killing me because of my lack of umph and organization. So, in order for me to meet the desired goal of a large family, I want to do it well and it not be total chaos. So I am choosing to start now, with just two. And thirdly, the Gospel is about redemption, moving from chaos to peace. And I want to be redeemed in my entirity and therefore, bring heaven to my little bit of earth. I know that the greatest reason for my messiness was my laziness and general disregard for things. I want Christ to come and redeem that. And also, everytime I right a messy bed, clean the laundry, dust a piece of furniture, I am bringing the Gospel home. I am bringing heaven to my earth. Because disorganization and mess is the result of the fall, not God's ultimate plan for the earth.

So if cleaning could be preached, I have preached it. I really am not preaching to anyone but myself. But seeing my time here on this earth as such, has helped me tremendously in my efforts to restore order to my little piece of this grand world. And maybe, just maybe by April, I will be several more steps along. And then hopefully, God will bless my faithfulness with many, many more responsiblities. (And I hope that they are cute little girls and boys!)

so....I am off to finish tidying the closest. So that my husband can feel as if heaven has visited him when he picks out his clothes on Monday morning....

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Festival and other things

Emma playing football Bubby and Daddy watching Emma. IT WAS COLD

Emma got her faced painted

Emma with her pumpkin, it is the one with all the paint. She spent five hours working on it for the contest. And then another hour or two after we got home after the contest.

Me carving a pumpkin

Emma, Bubby and I carving the pumpkin, If you look closely, Bubby is actually in the process of busting. I caught him with my wrist, that is mommy skills! Carving pumpkin and keeping baby's head safe all a the same time.

Emmy doing the Hippity Hop would have to be a Max and Rubyfan to understand. But she and I are expert hip hoppers

No sense in even trying to get a good picture of them together, too much work

Emma took it.

More to come. Today was a lot of first. Emma actually really played baby doll. And Elliot got his first hair cut. Also yesterday, Elliot went from squatting to standing without pulling up on anything. Crazy how fast it goes. I will get those pictures up tomorrow.

Nahville Zoo

When we were in Nashville we went to their zoo. It was incredibly great. Definitely worth the trip. Maybe not as much animals as Memphis, but great settings. My Aunt Fran, cousin Christina and Me


Bubby looking at the alligators. IT was his first time to really understand the zoo.

Emma having so much fun

Blue Macaw.