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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random pics and Trip to Opryland

In the middle of October, we were able to spend one night with our dear friends', the Tallents. Then we went up to the Opryland hotel courtesy of Tal's job performance for a night. IT was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Emma broke my camera before I could get any pictures of our friends and their gorgeous daughter. but we did get a few at the hotel with a small digital camera we purchased while waiting for ours to be repaired.

Here is Emma enjoying brunch on Saturday morning. She absolutely loved the hotel with all the gardens and streams and waterfalls. Perfect for her little imagination. She sat on our balcony over looking the waterfall for hours.Bubby discovered berries. He has enjoyed strawberries for the entire summer, but he got blue berries, blackberries and raspberries this morning too! YEAH for berries Bubby and I before Tal and I left for dinner. Aunt Fran and Christina kept the kids for us, THANKS!!!!

Of course, we did not get a picture together. But you get the idea
Emma LOVING the hotel room

A rare picture of Emma and Elliot playing together

Elliot loves donuts. He points to them and whines when he sees them on the table after Big Daddy eats breakfast. I usually try to hide them, but this day he was persisent.
He loves his Big Daddy too!

Our cute little fall girl

Those were all the pictures I got taken. I am sad, because it was such a marvelous time. It just went sooooo fast.


Grammy aka Aunt Mellen, Mary Ellen said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. You and Tal looked very pretty all dressed up. Also, I see that the hippo went to all the events. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

You look very pretty! I'm glad you and Tal got a grown-up night!