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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beach pictures-part 2

The kids and I getting ready to say goodbye to the beach! Bubby finding his first ball cap, BASS PRO SHOPS
Snazzy dude

Cute boy
Emma being a Princess on the beach, she is such a free spirit
The beach, not a great pictures
The kids and I at the beach
Emma looking out the window, she was pretending it was her stage
Bubby having fun clapping, he can almost stand by himself

Emma and Elliot at the beach, Elliot almost likes it as much as Emma

My brothers and I
Emma and Mommy

1 comment:

The Charlebois said...

Hey girl!
I got your message today - too bad you and the kids weren't able to come! :(
I was planning on bringing Amber & Pete dinner on Tuesday, so I talked to Amber and they would love for Tal to come join us for dinner at their house that night. I left a message on Tal's phone. Glad it's going to work out!
Give the kiddies hugs!