You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Visiting MTSR ( I think that is the initials)

This was one of the biggest hghlights of our trip. We were able to go visit the Middle Tennessee Sheltie Rescue, where my Aunt Fran volunteers and where she found her little Calleigh. It was such a precious time of visiting them and seeing Ms. Ann's tireless devotion. These beautiful dogs are so cute.

Bubby loves the dogs. Here is Bubby with Joey. He loved Joey because he was so gentle.
Joey kissing Elliot

Isn't he BEAUTIFUL??? Yes, I would have taken him home if I could Ms. Ann who takes care of these dogs day in and day out, loving them each no matter what.

Random pics and Trip to Opryland

In the middle of October, we were able to spend one night with our dear friends', the Tallents. Then we went up to the Opryland hotel courtesy of Tal's job performance for a night. IT was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Emma broke my camera before I could get any pictures of our friends and their gorgeous daughter. but we did get a few at the hotel with a small digital camera we purchased while waiting for ours to be repaired.

Here is Emma enjoying brunch on Saturday morning. She absolutely loved the hotel with all the gardens and streams and waterfalls. Perfect for her little imagination. She sat on our balcony over looking the waterfall for hours.Bubby discovered berries. He has enjoyed strawberries for the entire summer, but he got blue berries, blackberries and raspberries this morning too! YEAH for berries Bubby and I before Tal and I left for dinner. Aunt Fran and Christina kept the kids for us, THANKS!!!!

Of course, we did not get a picture together. But you get the idea
Emma LOVING the hotel room

A rare picture of Emma and Elliot playing together

Elliot loves donuts. He points to them and whines when he sees them on the table after Big Daddy eats breakfast. I usually try to hide them, but this day he was persisent.
He loves his Big Daddy too!

Our cute little fall girl

Those were all the pictures I got taken. I am sad, because it was such a marvelous time. It just went sooooo fast.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Making Chocolate Sauce

Emmy had Uncle Matt take over thirty five pictures of her posing as she was helping my mom make chocolate sauce. I picked a few good ones!

Yes we fell off the planet.....

Loving our "country house"
My favorite part of our house is because it is out in the country sort of. It isn't far in the country, but it is so nice out here.

Here we are on our walk. Emmy having fun playing hopscotch...

The view from our driveway.
Going on a walk
What a ride
Behind our house

Another view from our house

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beach pictures-part 2

The kids and I getting ready to say goodbye to the beach! Bubby finding his first ball cap, BASS PRO SHOPS
Snazzy dude

Cute boy
Emma being a Princess on the beach, she is such a free spirit
The beach, not a great pictures
The kids and I at the beach
Emma looking out the window, she was pretending it was her stage
Bubby having fun clapping, he can almost stand by himself

Emma and Elliot at the beach, Elliot almost likes it as much as Emma

My brothers and I
Emma and Mommy