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Monday, September 17, 2007

Too many pictures....too much fun

Our double E's Emmy on Big Daddy's truck

He learned to give smooches today

Emmy playing Canyland with Uncle Mark

Conversing with Uncle Matt
Looking at the stars

Bubby in the kitchen

Emmy falls asleep on the couch

And she is awake
and the boucing off the walls

mmm....good toy

I'm gonna slober you

Poor Bubby has to just watch Too tired

Emmy and Daddy cutting grass
Bubby bored

Kicked back

All I need is a beach

Bear crawling
How cute!

Pujhols (SP??)

Bubby's first ride in the car cart

Cutie patootie

Bubby and Mommy

Great Grandma Nicky (GiGi)

The End

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