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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

oh we had too much fun.....

The pictures are in reverse order. But here we are on Sunday night at the Redbirds game. It was a little tedious with two small kids, but fun nonetheless.

Emma prefered eating and playing to actually watching the game

Starting the boy out right! Here he is cheering for his favorite team. He just needs a little brother to be a U for him.

A sort of picture of Emma and I going down the giant slide at the fair.
Emma and her snow cone
Bubby riding the fire engine for the first time. He loved it.

Grammy eating a pronto pup and a coke.
Mommy and Bubby eating a snow cone

The giant slide.

Emma riding the guppies All by herself

Emma riding a ride by herself

Oh what fun we had. Emma had that going sooooo fast. It was hillarious. I hate rides but did it for her.
I was so dizzy
Being "Cowboy Emma" as she put it

Why cannot I have fun?

We went to the Exotic petting zoo as the paper put it. I was so excited, thinking that it would be really cool. Well it was hyped to have over 100 animals at this "exotic petting zoo", and it did....80 of them were GOATS. But we had fun anyway, feeding the goats.

The lone kangaroo

This was Friday before the fair, getting their rest.
Emma sporting her cheerleader outfit that uncle matt bought her last year.

And so begins our weekend with a ride to go pick up Daddy at work. Then we went to Macaroni Grill for some good eats!
There is our weekend in reverse!

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Salley said...

hey mary! i like the new pics! but i have a request i think that emmas cheerleading outfit should either be razorback red or yellowjacket blue/yellow thanks! lol hope u guys are doin good love & miss u all see yall sat!