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Monday, September 10, 2007

And the fun kept on coming...

Here is Bubby playing under the table at MawMaw's. Can you believe that just eight months ago, this little one could not do anything but cry, eat and sleep. (and dirty a lot of diapers!) That is just one of my favorites. How precious the moments we have with those who have lived life so faithfully. We are so blessed to have all but one of our grandparents still on this earth. And even more blessed for their influence and love in our children's lives.
Here is another great! Great "Uncle Unc" as he has been dubbed by Emmy. This is her Great Uncle Clinton. He also goes by Unc, but she gets confused and calls him Uncle Unc around here. She and Elliot simply adore him. Emma hasn't been the most trusting soul on the earth, but Unc has been her buddy this past year or so. And what a loving and wonderfully man he is, especially when we are missing her grandfather, Pop Pop so much. We are so thankful for him and his everwhelming love for our kids. (And you too Aunt Vicky! And Salley!!) We really appreciate all you have done for us and our children over the past almost two years. You have been very special too us. (And that goes for the rest of you as well. We love you all sooooo much and wish there were more days like Saturday. Let's start planning another one!)
I took Emma Grace to her first Disney on Ice this past Friday. Mom went with us as well as Ebony and her two daugthers, Amoni and Amira (Ebony helps take care of Big Daddy.) It was so much fun. Emma was on the edge of her seat cheering and clapping and waving the whole night. She was so sad it was over even after two full hours. This is her FAVORITE Beauty and the Beast
The little Mermaid- complete with bubbles cascading from the ceiling.
Emma and her umbrella. We got home at close to ten pm. But she had remember the guys had pizza, so we had to sit down for a pizza dinner and have that and ice cream before crashing for the night.
Bubby playing with the air vent. If you look closely, you can see his hair is flying.

Helping Two Dad fix the refrigerator.
Emma, Amira, and Amoni watching Disney on Ice
Disney on ICe
Disney on Ice. The little girl directly in front of Emma after the show, Emma was sad it was over. The little girl has a Flounder hat (a character from Little Mermaid.) She gave it to Emma to make her feel better. Thank you!!! God bless.

Bubby and Daddy

Emma and her faces

Yes, she is my fashionista
Here she is setting the table all by herself. And she did a good job too.

Her first splinter. You can barely see it. She was so brave. After several unsuccessful attempts to surgicall remove it, we decided ot let it grow out.

The end.

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