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Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Off to the beach

Well, once again I have begun checking my friends' sites hoping for an update, only to realize that mine has lacked an update for well over a week now.

We are leaving for Orange Beach, AL tomorrow, well actually in about an hour. We will be hoping to arrive in time for the sunny sunshine to be warm enough to enjoy. It should be quite the adventure, seeing that my three adult brothers along with Tal, Bubby, Emmy and myself will be in one vehicle!! Hip Hurray for adventures! My brothers may hate my kids by the end of it all. Oh WELL!

This week has been so long already. I was trying to find words to put it onto paper and they fail me at this point. I wish I could follow myself around with my laptop constantly capturing my sitcom of a life. But then I would get even less done than I am currently getting accomplished at this point in my a little less than chaotic and far from peaceful life. It seems that these days my only constant companion is the broom, sweeping up the mess from Bubby's ferocious eating and/or his latest accomplishment of getting into goodness knows what. My cute adorable, wonderful nine month old, who is determined he will walk before he turns ten months old. I am in for it!

Emma is just growing like a weed. She announced to me yesterday or was it today, I cannot remember they all kind of merge into each other, that she is "all growing up." One day she will be bigger than me and bigger than daddy she said. I sure hope she isn't bigger than her daddy. I'll never marry her off! Where would I find a guy that tall???? She is into helping. I love her exuberance, but sometimes it lacks actual quality because she is but two. So I spend most of my time cleaning up after her attempts to be helpful. She has been counting the days to the beach. I sure hope it isn't a let down after all she remembers about it. She was so excited that I could not get her into bed tonight. She knows that after a quick nap, we were going tobe leaving in the middle of her sleep and wake up at the beach. So, because I was afraid she would wake up Bubby, we stayed downstairs, so that Tal and Bubby could get some sleep at least. Emma played hard until about ten thirty and I looked over and she had curled up on her knees and fallen asleep. I cannot wait to see her unabashed glee when we finally get there. For over a year, she has said, "I tell Two Dadddy, pleaseeeeeeeee take me to the beach."And it has only been fourteen months since we were there!

I doubt Bubby will find the same enjoyment this year. He will probably spend his days in the sunshine getting told not to eat the sand. I would wager that the pool will be his favorite. And mine too, because not long into parenthood, I became quite the conniseur of this hole filled with water when I realized they were great for wearing children out and thus perfect for giving parents' much deserved naps. It became a weekly Sunday afternoon ritual with Emma. Swim a little, sleep a lot! Sure worth the wet hair. I will let you know if it works for Bubby.

We think we have finally found a church. And I know this for sure because it is the first time in a very, very long time that I am truely sad that I am missing a Sunday. I am so thankful to our friends' Chris and Jill for their asking us to attend. It has truely been a blessing.

Well, I have a million other stories that will probably never darken a page because they are escaping me now. But one day in heaven maybe the Lord will let me be a spinner of good tales for others. I so do enjoy it here on earth. And if this is just a shadow and a type of what is to come, oh the joy, that I will experience there doing what is so much fun here.

Toodles for now and may your weekend be as wonderful as mine!


ps. Please keep my dear friend Amber in your prayers. She is anticipating the arrival of her daughter, Naomi, anyday now. And pray for her husband, Pete, and young son, Elijah, as the three become four!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Too many pictures....too much fun

Our double E's Emmy on Big Daddy's truck

He learned to give smooches today

Emmy playing Canyland with Uncle Mark

Conversing with Uncle Matt
Looking at the stars

Bubby in the kitchen

Emmy falls asleep on the couch

And she is awake
and the boucing off the walls

mmm....good toy

I'm gonna slober you

Poor Bubby has to just watch Too tired

Emmy and Daddy cutting grass
Bubby bored

Kicked back

All I need is a beach

Bear crawling
How cute!

Pujhols (SP??)

Bubby's first ride in the car cart

Cutie patootie

Bubby and Mommy

Great Grandma Nicky (GiGi)

The End

Monday, September 10, 2007

And the fun kept on coming...

Here is Bubby playing under the table at MawMaw's. Can you believe that just eight months ago, this little one could not do anything but cry, eat and sleep. (and dirty a lot of diapers!) That is just one of my favorites. How precious the moments we have with those who have lived life so faithfully. We are so blessed to have all but one of our grandparents still on this earth. And even more blessed for their influence and love in our children's lives.
Here is another great! Great "Uncle Unc" as he has been dubbed by Emmy. This is her Great Uncle Clinton. He also goes by Unc, but she gets confused and calls him Uncle Unc around here. She and Elliot simply adore him. Emma hasn't been the most trusting soul on the earth, but Unc has been her buddy this past year or so. And what a loving and wonderfully man he is, especially when we are missing her grandfather, Pop Pop so much. We are so thankful for him and his everwhelming love for our kids. (And you too Aunt Vicky! And Salley!!) We really appreciate all you have done for us and our children over the past almost two years. You have been very special too us. (And that goes for the rest of you as well. We love you all sooooo much and wish there were more days like Saturday. Let's start planning another one!)
I took Emma Grace to her first Disney on Ice this past Friday. Mom went with us as well as Ebony and her two daugthers, Amoni and Amira (Ebony helps take care of Big Daddy.) It was so much fun. Emma was on the edge of her seat cheering and clapping and waving the whole night. She was so sad it was over even after two full hours. This is her FAVORITE Beauty and the Beast
The little Mermaid- complete with bubbles cascading from the ceiling.
Emma and her umbrella. We got home at close to ten pm. But she had remember the guys had pizza, so we had to sit down for a pizza dinner and have that and ice cream before crashing for the night.
Bubby playing with the air vent. If you look closely, you can see his hair is flying.

Helping Two Dad fix the refrigerator.
Emma, Amira, and Amoni watching Disney on Ice
Disney on ICe
Disney on Ice. The little girl directly in front of Emma after the show, Emma was sad it was over. The little girl has a Flounder hat (a character from Little Mermaid.) She gave it to Emma to make her feel better. Thank you!!! God bless.

Bubby and Daddy

Emma and her faces

Yes, she is my fashionista
Here she is setting the table all by herself. And she did a good job too.

Her first splinter. You can barely see it. She was so brave. After several unsuccessful attempts to surgicall remove it, we decided ot let it grow out.

The end.