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Thursday, August 30, 2007

More pictures

Here is Emmy running through the house with a ski mask on. She was being a monster. Bubby sports his colors "Tennessee" Go Vols
Isn't he cute?
That is right!

He hates getting his clothes on. But here he must have been distracted
After a long day, she still smiles occasionally!
Emma's sailor outfit. She had her two and a half year check-up that day. Everything is great and she is 25% percentile for both height and weight. Our petite little girl.
Our petite monster
And there she goes

Our beautiful princess

One bad dude
Who you looking at?
Wet hair

Princess Emmy, They had a little princess parade at the mall on Saturday. You could get free tickets to the Disney on Ice. We are going next Friday to see that with Nuther Mother and Ebony (one of the gals that works for Big Daddy) and her two girls.
Emma petting the dog statue

Emmy and her daddy
Emmy and her crown

Princess Emmy

Prince Bubby

The end!

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Steph Tallent said...

Awww. You have the most adorable kids! I just love seeing pictures of them. Thanks for sharing your blog site!

--Steph T.