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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Tonight I have been mulling over several things all day. First, I had some Emmyisms that I was trying to remember. She is definitely into copycatting your speech. I get a lot of "well"'s with an all knowing look. Tonight she was sitting in her chair at the table and I walked in to put the BBQ sauce on the table and she says, "Yes, Mommy, I am sitting at the dining room table." Then the other day, she was outside and it has been sooooooo hot, I offered something to drink. I asked if she would like lemonade or a popsicle. She said, "Well, maybe a popsicle would be nice." Where did we find this two year old?

Bubby is now crawling and pulling up on things. He just started sitting up about three weeks ago. I cannot believe that he is crawling now too. My little boy is growing up so fast.

Okay, now my two topics. Lately, I have been really mulling over I Corinthians 13. And how serious am I about this whole love thing. It is so easy to say, I love you or I love him or her. Or that I am loving towards them, but paired next to God's love, where does mine fit. Such as am I patient? do I always believe the best? Do I endure all things? I am thinking I fall very short. So in the near future, I will be examining this and letting you know what I think.

My next and last subject for the night is abortion. It is a tragedy that our great country has so fallen to such low positions that we allow this. I am praying that my heart is even greater turned to help these helpless ones.

Well, I am tired, more later.


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Jamie Ewing said...

It's very interesting that your thoughts were dwelling on love yesterday because mine were too! I have felt, and continue to feel, challenged to use my life to work for those less fortunate than myself. I was contemplating that to do so requires me to first, and foremost, embrace all persons as equal to myself. Because how can I love as Christ has loved me if I do not look beyond all outward appearances, attitudes and actions and find the human underneath that needs my love? What would my life really look like if I loved in that manner?