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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pics from Arkansas

We had a great time in Arkansas visiting Tal's family. It was so much fun. We got to see a lot of his extended family and that was a blast. I distinctly remember my great grandparents, especially my Great Grandfather Pete. I only faintly remember his, sometimes they are mostly shadows of memories because I was barely two when he went home to be with Jesus. But his presence left a forever embrace on my soul. I am so glad that my children have gotten to know their great grandparents and will continue this relationship. I lost my last greatgrandmother around age ten. It is my prayer that my children will have as many special years. MeMe and I looking at pictures on the computer.
Meme, Grandaddy and the kids
Elliot and his favorite MeMe
Emmy and Grammy
Tal and Mary's feet (We love flip flops!!)
Aunt Jamie and her neice and nephew.
Emma and Elliot not too happy about their picture being made. I have yet to get them in their Easter outfits, oh well!
Emma being funny

Emma and her PawPaw
Emma and Unc---lleee CLINTON (That is the best I imitation I could make of Emma. She had so much fun with him.)
MawMaw and PawPAw
Salley showing off her new stylish hat
MawMaw getting a hug from Emmy

Aunt Vicki and Elliot
Aunt Vicki playing Elliot's favorite game
Elliot and Momma

Emma and PawPaw
Kissing PawPaw

Emma and MawMaw
Emma and Elliot with MawMaw
Emma and her favorite MawMaw
Emma looking slightly exhausted, she played hard

Elliot finds the basketball!!!! (Tal was so excited because it was his sport)


Elliot and his favorite MawMaw

Bryce (sorry we did not get a picture of our cousing Rhett.) but Emma took this one.

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