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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello for the Ewings

Well, I cannot locate my camera to upload pictures, but once I do there are some cute ones!

We have been so busy lately getting ready to move Big Daddy in. It just seems like it will never be finished. But we are getting there.

Emma and Elliot are doing great. Elliot still isn't sleeping as well as I would like, but he is getting there. We think that possibly his bottom two teeth may be cutting because he has been kind of cranky lately. Emma did not cut teeth until 9 months, but it would be nice to get this over with! He is sitting up great and starting to try to crawl. He can get around all over the place with scooting though, so we have to be careful. He is talking up a storm and enjoying new sounds everyday. We are all arguing over whether he is going to say momma or dadda first. Mom theorized that the reason that Fathers are also called daddys is because one Father at one time wanted their child's first word to be father, so when the baby said, "dadda" the father changed his name to daddy. I think she is right!!!!

Emma is doing great as well. She has suffered no ill effects from her fall. She is learning to be more obedient to her parents right now. She does great! She sat in church yesterday like a big girl. It was amazing!

I am trying to get in shape in the midst of all of this confusion. I have tried to eat better too. I am excited back I have lost almost 8 lbs since we moved into the house. I did not think I would ever lose a single pound but it is coming off slowly but surely.

I attended a beautiful wedding this weekend, the reception was at the zoo, so pretty. But they had a new type of animal there, KILLER MISQUITOS. UGH. I got about 27 bites counted so far. It is so not fun. But a dear friend of mine was in town with his wife and daughter yesterday and gave us some salve that his business sells and it has almost eliminated all the itching. Amazing stuff. You should try it out!

Well, I need to run, because Elliot has awoken from his 8 minute nap. Oh well! Hope all is well with you. And say a prayer for Ethan,

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