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Thursday, July 19, 2007

For all those waiting patiently for pictures....

I hopefully will be able to replace our camera tomorrow. I am sad to say that I believe the camera may be lost forever, so very sad. I loved my little camera. So tomorrow we will be looking for one in our budget. Hopefully we will be able to find one, I am sure we will, hopefully it will be nice too! So maybe by tomorrow evening we can share some pictures with you. If not, but Saturday morning we will have a few to share!

Hope your week is going well. The kids are doing great. We are busy getting things ready here for Big Daddy. It is crunch time! We are getting people hired and things straight. I had my tooth worked on again today. Mark did a great job. I am sore but not bad. Also, I am proud to announce that I have lost almost 9 lbs. YEAH!!! Cannot tell you my secret, I am just glad it is happening, but I am not sure what made it happen. I have been trying for six months with no results until the last two weeks. Well, that is about all the news for now. Pray for Tal, he has a sinus infection. Going to the doctor tomorrow. And keep us in prayer this weekend as we strive to get a lot done. Next weekend we will be in Sheridan for all those Arkansians there! See ya soon.


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