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Friday, July 27, 2007

And theres more

Princess Emmy at Grammy's house
Elliot exploring new toys
Elliot and the ever open mouth
Emma peeks out of her castle
Elliot, what a cutie
Oh no more pictures, actually he is a camera hog
Emma loves to color on tacky contact paper, it makes great hopscotch

Elliot is sitting up by himself really well

And our UT fan, GO VOLS
Emma sporting her first braids ever
Pick me up
I am a big boy, feed me!

I see you up there! I am really a sweetie!

Emmy and Two Dad taking a spin around the neighborhood

I CAN do it. (He can allllmost crawl)

Look at me
Awwww...some looks just melt our hearts

Mommy and Bubby's feet

Bye for now

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