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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some pictures from the last two weeks....

Sorry that I have been so deliquent in posting....things have been crazy here and the little time I have used on the computer, has been to help get Ethan Powell's bone marrow drives up and running.

Here are the kids...I will try to post comments on the pictures tonight.

Okay, these deserve comments because the picture doesn't capture the entire story!

When Emma Grace was five months old, she got her first taste of lemonade, and apparently Elliot will not be one up'ed. He basically took Tal's cup out of his hands and drank it himself. When Tal would take it away, Elliot would start flailing his arms and legs. He was so cute. So yes, I let my four month old drink lemonade!

And here is the greater of the two evils...This is Emma on top of the mountain of boxes. And you cannot quite appreciate how far up she is until you realize that she is head to head with the six foot book shelves. Yep, that is my monkey!

So please with herself, "swinging on the vine"
We were trying to coax her to put her hands in the air, so here is her tenative one...
And now TWO!
Isn't that a face that even a brother could love?

But that might be a face only a mother could love! She was up so late and had played so hard. She had been to a picnic at her daddy's work, driven to Arkansas in the back of Grammy's big truck, and then played her heart out with Grammy, Mommy and Daddy while we were packing. And here she is on the top of three boxes coloring.
She loves to be up on top of things.

My two cuties!

Aw...the beauties of the family
Like my new look...???
Daddy and Emma, Emma was about to leave for an adventure with her Two Dad and Nuther Mother.

Swimming with daddy. It was pretty cold, but she stayed in there for about two hours.

Chillin with Bubby

Every girl needs a John Deere
And she knows what to do with it, to boot!

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