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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moving and moving

Well, we are finally in the new house. I promise to get pictures of our disaster area tomorrow, but for now I will post those that I have. It has been an intense week full of new things and very hard work. I am currently nursing some very sore hands from fire ants, so typing is slow going. I will only say a little and tell you all about it later.
Emma and Elliot are tkaing a break, hanging out on our bed. I will have to get Matt's camera because we got the most adorable picture of Emma, who had fallen asleep on her new bed while playing on it. It was tooooooo cute! Elliot is sacked out. He had had too much!
Emma and Elliot on one of the many car rides back and forth. Not the best picture, but also not the best of times either!
Even Emma gave a helping hand. Here she is carrying the slip proof stuff for the carpet.
Emma and Elliot love to play together. Here she is showing him how to play with the music table.
I did not quite get the picture I was after. I was unpacking one of the thousands of boxes we have, when I looked over and she was standing behind Bubby just a hugging on him. Of course, she would not pose, but you get the jist of the picture. So sweet...
And on that adorable note, I leave you to go nurse my sore hands. Plus, the Benadryl is hitting me hard and I am libel to say about anything at this point.

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Amber said...

Sorry to hear about your hands! Get some rest!