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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hello people!!

I took some new pictures finally!!

Here is our little Elliot! Emma and Uncle Mike, Uncle Mark, and Emma all in action
Elliot eating his bottle, but he wishes it were real food.
Emma and her mommy and she likes to pose
Mommy and Emmy getting ready for work. I was getting ready for work and she had to take a shower too, by herself. Then she had to get her lipstick on too! But she did it herself. So it tooks like she smacked herself.
Oh how cute!
Aren't I spiffy
What a cute couple!
My bros...

The end!
Oh yes! Praise the Lord, we have renters. The will occupy on June 1st, we are so thankful. To God be the Glory!


Aunt Jamie said...

Emmy's Mommy has a pretty new haircut. Too cute (as Emmy would say).... ;o)

Dianna said...

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Dianna Davison