You have to try this...Emma swears by it! Much better than any ointment we have tried ever....

Miracle Skin Salve 2oz

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moving and moving

Well, we are finally in the new house. I promise to get pictures of our disaster area tomorrow, but for now I will post those that I have. It has been an intense week full of new things and very hard work. I am currently nursing some very sore hands from fire ants, so typing is slow going. I will only say a little and tell you all about it later.
Emma and Elliot are tkaing a break, hanging out on our bed. I will have to get Matt's camera because we got the most adorable picture of Emma, who had fallen asleep on her new bed while playing on it. It was tooooooo cute! Elliot is sacked out. He had had too much!
Emma and Elliot on one of the many car rides back and forth. Not the best picture, but also not the best of times either!
Even Emma gave a helping hand. Here she is carrying the slip proof stuff for the carpet.
Emma and Elliot love to play together. Here she is showing him how to play with the music table.
I did not quite get the picture I was after. I was unpacking one of the thousands of boxes we have, when I looked over and she was standing behind Bubby just a hugging on him. Of course, she would not pose, but you get the jist of the picture. So sweet...
And on that adorable note, I leave you to go nurse my sore hands. Plus, the Benadryl is hitting me hard and I am libel to say about anything at this point.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Way to go, Dr. Mark Regenold

Today Mark graduates from Dental School. It is sooooo weird to say Dr. Mark. We are currently getting ready to head out the door to cheer him on! I bet he thought it would never come but here it is! He has already worked on Mom, Dad, and me. He has done a super job! I would recommend him to anyone.

Way to go, MARK!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Rest of the Story....

Well, Princess is in her new home. And Tal and I felt strangely peaceful after leaving her. We can only thank the Lord for leading us to the right person. Vicki is perfect for Princess. And though our hearts still ache, it is with the underlying sweetness that Princess is also right for Vicki. Vicki is a sweet lady that lives in Cordova, just a about thirty minutes from us. She wants us to be able to visit with Princess still and be apart of her life. And for Vicki she needed a dog like Princess as both companion and guard dog. Cordova has begun to have its share of problems with gangs and it is nice to know that Princess will be there to deter any problems she might have.

So we feel as vessels, used to keep our dear dog until the time we got to give her to her new owner. This doesn't lessen any pain we have felt in saying goodbye. But it does give hope that things do happen for a reason. And that He always looks out for us.

I hope this wasn't too mushy, this has just been a very emotional journey for me. And I wanted to share the joy that I have found in the midst of the pain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Goodbye to Princess

When I adopted this cute little 12 week puppy almost eight years ago, I had no idea that I would be saying goodbye so soon. I have thought a few times through the years how hard it would be to say good bye when it came time for her to go, but I always thought that would be when she was a very old dog and it was time for her to, well, die. But today is a different day. She is still very much alive and well. I will be passing on my dear dog to another to love. Due to circumstances that I would rather not talk about right now, I must give my dog to a very kind lady to care for. I am so sad, so very sad. I will miss my constant companion and wish there was another way. But I know she will be cared for and loved. I will miss her gentle nudges for petting and just the presence of her at my feet. I will miss her following me to the rocker late at night when one of the kids needs help going back to sleep. Her head on my hand when I feel bad. Or even her bark when someone is coming to the house. Of course, it will be nice to not have the annoying parts of her too, but I would live with those....So goodbye my dear girl, thank you for the love and for all the companionship. I know Vicki will love you dearly. Be good to her and come see me soon!

Way to Go, Deryl!

Just wanted to say congrats to our friend, Deryl Williams! He recently graduated from his training class at the Shelby County Deputy's office (I hope I got that right)! He is now serving and protecting our county, and we are so thankful for him!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Update, but sorry no pictures...

I was going to upload a few cute pictures today, but ran out of time. I absolutely love the fact that even though I have had to work two days this week, I do not have to come in until three. This gives me a lot of time with the kids in the morning. Both days, I have taken the two little ones to the park in order to have fun with them before leaving for work. (Actually, I thought that I would just wear them out! So that Nuther Momma had it a little easier.)

We discovered a new park, well, we have known about it, but we haven't tried it out until this week. We have decided to set aside at least one night a week to devote to just the kids (Tal and I). So Wednesday we took McDonalds (the feast of parents with small kiddos) to this new park that is only about a mile from our house. It is so nice. It was built especially for children with disablities to be able to play with other children. It is so perfect for Emma right now because the height of everything is fairly low and the soft rubbery material that forms the "floor" is great to fall onto. She was hillarious today though, because she befriended a whole group of high schoolers that were skipping the last day of school being seniors! They were so kind to play with her. She was so upset to have to leave them. There were tons of toddlers around, and she picks the seniors. I honestly thinks she sees herself as their size.

Well, we are headed back to Arkansas, hopefully for the last time for awhile. We will finish getting the house ready for the renters. God has been so good to provide for us. Please pray that the water heater is just a minor fix and that we don't find too many other problems....


Thursday, May 17, 2007


I finally put captions under the pictures from a few days ago.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The kids explore the garden

It was so pretty outside today, so I decided to get some shots of the kids out in the garden. You will have to pardon my amateur shots, I am still learning! Emma and I holding a flower
Bubby studying a plant
Mommy's favorite!

Oh, what a pretty girl
A little dazed looking...maybe it isn't as cool out here as I thought.

Emma shows Elliot a flower
Emma and Elliot looking at the flowers together

Emma still has baby feet! They are so cute and still a little puggy.
Cute baby feet!

Oh, look their attached!
What cha looking at?

She's in the forest... Hmmmm.....

These are pretty...

Happy boy!

That's all Folks!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Some pictures from the last two weeks....

Sorry that I have been so deliquent in posting....things have been crazy here and the little time I have used on the computer, has been to help get Ethan Powell's bone marrow drives up and running.

Here are the kids...I will try to post comments on the pictures tonight.

Okay, these deserve comments because the picture doesn't capture the entire story!

When Emma Grace was five months old, she got her first taste of lemonade, and apparently Elliot will not be one up'ed. He basically took Tal's cup out of his hands and drank it himself. When Tal would take it away, Elliot would start flailing his arms and legs. He was so cute. So yes, I let my four month old drink lemonade!

And here is the greater of the two evils...This is Emma on top of the mountain of boxes. And you cannot quite appreciate how far up she is until you realize that she is head to head with the six foot book shelves. Yep, that is my monkey!

So please with herself, "swinging on the vine"
We were trying to coax her to put her hands in the air, so here is her tenative one...
And now TWO!
Isn't that a face that even a brother could love?

But that might be a face only a mother could love! She was up so late and had played so hard. She had been to a picnic at her daddy's work, driven to Arkansas in the back of Grammy's big truck, and then played her heart out with Grammy, Mommy and Daddy while we were packing. And here she is on the top of three boxes coloring.
She loves to be up on top of things.

My two cuties!

Aw...the beauties of the family
Like my new look...???
Daddy and Emma, Emma was about to leave for an adventure with her Two Dad and Nuther Mother.

Swimming with daddy. It was pretty cold, but she stayed in there for about two hours.

Chillin with Bubby

Every girl needs a John Deere
And she knows what to do with it, to boot!