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Thursday, April 05, 2007

So much has happened

It has been a crazy few weeks....

For those of you who don't know, which is probably more than not because we have kept this under our hats for awhile not know if it would happen or not, but we are moving to Piperton, TN. It is in Fayette county, but it is really only about five minutes from the town of Collierville, where we are currently living. My parents have found a beautiful house that will accommadate Big Daddy coming home. I am quitting my job here at St. Jude (well, I will be Extra Care Team, only working a few shifts a month) and I will be taking care of Big Daddy at home.

So as of now, the house will be closed on May 24th with our move in date starting the next day. Mark graduates on May 25th!!!! And to party we are moving houses. Then after we get everything settled we are going to bring our dear grandfather home.

So as if our lives were not crazy enough, we decided to add another move. Our house is still not sold, but we have had a few nibbles and maybe something more substantial today. We are praying!!!

We are working so quickly to try to get everything ready to put mom and dad's house on the market. (This makes the third house prepped for sale in less than six months between mom and dad, Big Daddy and us!) It is slow going with two little ones around and a lot of other things going on. We can sure use all of your prayers.

So we covet your prayers for all of this and we will keep you updated on our status.


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Amber said...

Wow! That is some news! We will be praying for your houses to sell quickly and at a good price. Big changes indeed!