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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Pictures

I have tried about six times to get these pictures posted. Something kept happening with Blogger. But I finally got them. We did not get any cute pictures of Emma and Elliot together all dressed up because Emma got her dress wet and it had to be changed. But we will dress them up soon and do some cute pictures together.
Emma had a blast with her egg hunting. She starting understanding what it was about this year. She had so many, she had to upgrade to a bigger basket.
Here she is with one of her cousins, Rhett.
Emma's smaller basket, that she quickly filled.
Bryce, Emma's other cousin and Rhett's older brother, and Me!

Emma Grace all dress up!
Emma and Mommy
PawPaw and Elliot
Emma found two eggs at once!
Emma and Mommy

Emma and Mommy in sponge curlers
It brought back memories of every Saturday night for me.
Emma got to try out her Aunt Jamie's rocking horse. She loved it!
Emma and her daddy
Elliot and Aunt Vicky

Emma trying on daddy's shirt
Elliot eats his first bite of cereal

He loved it, you just cannot tell.
What a cutie!
My little nurse! Emma really does live up to the meaning of her name (In German, Emma means nurse) She got her first pair of scrubs from Grammy.

The end for now, but more to come.

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Aunt Jamie said...

That photo of Mary and Emma hunting Easter eggs just doesn't give you any idea of how fast Emma was dragging her Mommy around that yard! And if you look closely in the photo of Emma holding two eggs, you'll see an orange egg in a small tree in the background. Emma ran up to that egg and then told Mary to leave her alone, it was her egg! It was too much fun watching Emma and the boys race around finding eggs.